A New Baby and Celebrations


Finding out that you are expecting your first second or third baby it doesn’t matter the idea is that you are prepared for any surprises that may arrive and shock you.

Babies at Christmas may come early or just awaiting the arrival that could make an appearance at Christmas.

The due date may come and go baby may be late or arrive on time or the baby may present itself earlier than planned, making sure that everything is prepared and ready bags prepared for the arrival of the new baby.

In the bag to make sure that the essentials are ready and packed for the day that you need them,

In the bag or bags, you will need:

Sanitary Towels


Pyjamas or nighty

Socks/ Slippers

Spare Clothes to dress in when leaving the hospital





Breast Pads essential

Nursing bra

This is what new mum should pack to be ready for the arrival but then you have the baby to pack for as well and also if the baby is due around the Christmas holidays the hospital is usually very busy.

The next bag that should be packed is the baby bag depending on the stay in the hospital and how long you will be staying maybe you are a new parent and the doctors may say that you can go after twenty-four hours but sometimes they will ask you to stay for around five days.

In the  baby bag there should be:

Nappies for the newborn or first size

All in one vest


Baby body wash



Blankets to wrap baby in either a shawl or blanket

A hat to keep the baby head warm

Baby wipes for sensitive skin

Cream in case needed

So we have now looked at some of the things that you need when you arrive in the hospital but also there are the essential things to take the baby home in.

If you are traveling in a car the baby seat is really important for safety reasons that this is fixed properly in the car when the baby is in it and the seat belt is correctly adjusted.

There are plenty of things to think of preparing everything weeks in advance so that there is no rush and delaying of things when mum is in labor.

Preparations should be done so there is not any panicking when leaving for the hospital bags packed and on the way what a great feeling and maybe nervous as well as this is a new era and a very new addition to the family and no one knows what is going to happen.

So there are a lot of babies that arrive on Christmas Day or around that time they take time for babies born after midnight.

What a birthday these newborns will have an amazing time of year what a celebration to have a very happy day.



So the most beautiful celebrating Christmas also becomes a day for new parents to also do a lot of celebrating, there is a  but though this is also the busiest time of the year.

Having everything sorted out before getting to the due date and then getting a surprise baby without things being ready is hard work doing things slowly and organizing things before the baby is due and doing it at a comfortable pace is much easier than rushing and doing that awful panicking when you are in labor.

There are a number of people that can put together the things that are needed to take into the hospital instead of panicking while you can be relaxing or still working, having an organizer is a lot easier than running around doing things by yourself.

Christmas is a special time but having the new arrival makes it even special giving Christmas an even more special reason to celebrate.

Just a few cute baby outfits to let you see what is around to buy your sweet new arrival follow the link below



Such cute outfits that are around and warm for the new baby or babies first Christmas.



some slightly different outfits than other different colors and maybe some outfits are all in one some are maybe three-piece sets.


Everything ready and packed no more worries just in case the new arrival decides to make a show new mum needs to be ready to get to the hospital or call the midwife.

So all that is left is to double-check there is nothing left to pack always pack a little extra for instants take a few extra pads and sanitary wear just to be safe.

I have added a couple of links for mum and baby hospital bags click the link below












There are also so many different pressies for newborns and toddlers to put under the tree all the fun and the first Christmases the sound of the toddler laughing all the excitement opening the presents and making memories to last for a lifetime.

I have just brought my very small granddaughter a beautiful elephant which sings and plays games with the toddler my granddaughter is going to be seven months at Christmas so I will always buy something special plus more clothes and toys, I often get told I buy too much but I am allowed to do that they can all enjoy the gifts that they receive.

I have enclosed the link so that you can click and view the elephant and the other soft animals that they have they are so cute but really good as it is not a toy attached to the television.


A picture of the elephant which is so cute i think a lot of small children will really enjoy this toy.


Who could resist this cute elephant?

So everything has been prepared and now you are just waiting the diner is ready to be cooked or is already cooked and the waters break so if you have another small child then you have to sort out the care for the child and getting to the maternity wing of the hospital.

The new mum may be having a water birth which is said to relax the muscles and tends not to take so long in some births.

There are plenty of things to keep the mum busy before the baby arrives so it is quite important to try and be calm even though that is not what you are feeling at the time of labor.

Good Luck to anyone who is expecting a new arrival over the Christmas period may you be very happy at this time of year.

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