A Few Choices and Quality

Picking The Right Equipment


We all like the best things for our baby and our family.

The most important things to look at are the biggest products that you are going to need when pregnant such as prams, cots and changing equipment, baby bath.

The next step is to search in the right direction and seek out what you want to buy and buy the quality or the product that will last the time that the baby is in the pram or the cot.

Looking for the product that you want can take some hard work and sometimes can be a little easier when you see something online and check things out for the prices and see how the prices are with the products that you want to buy.

There are some links on my pages that will take you to products that we are talking about through the page.

So let’s start with the cots looking for cots that are or have led free paint that are of safety and equality

The  best place to view the cot is https://www.amazon.co.uk


MCC® Solid Wooden Baby Cot Bed Savannah City Sleigh Cotbed Toddler Bed & Premier Water Repellent Mattress - Made in England

This is a cot bed with mattress this will last for a long while and will last for another baby if you choose to have another baby of course there other types of cots that will do the same by keeping your baby as safe

This is another style of cot which is more open and you can see the baby while he or she is sleeping

The best place to see this product is https://www.amazon.co.uk

White Wooden Baby Cot with Drawer 120x60cm + Foam Mattress + Safety Wooden Barrier + Teething Rails

This cot also has storage in the base and which does make it easier to maybe use for nappies or towels again this is a quality cot that will last and will also last for yet another few years as well.

This next cot has a very cute color and has a chunky frame which is very different and also is a cot bed which also changes in height as well easy when the baby is small to be able to just pick the baby up and not take the side of the cot down lean over and then take the baby.

East Coast Angelina Cot Bed (White)

The color is soft and the cot is a fabulous design.

The next cot is more for little boys which is quite cute and blue on the ends as well there are so many designs of cots.


Obaby Grace Inspire Cot Bed, Little Prince

You can quite clearly see that this cot is meant for a little boy it is different rather than the white one it is patterned for the little boy blue.


Changing Equipment Storage

Baby changing units are expensive but they can be used for a lot of different things with the baby products and the clothes and nappies which will help to keep things nice and tidy

This is a basic changing unit with the storage space for creams and wipes and nappies it is easier to have a stand as it means that you are not bending over to change the baby but upright and no back pain


Mychild Peachy Changing Unit with Concealed Bath, Geo Diamond


There are of course more changing areas that may go with the rest of the furniture in the babies nursery most of the equipment is matched or brought to look the same

This is a nursery set which is nice and finish is great it comprises of a cot and the  baby changing area

Take a look at the link below this is the best place to buy these products.


Baby Nursery Room Furniture Set Nandini Set 2 in White matt with Skirtings in Denim matt


Prams and Transport

All babies need to have a pram carrycot or stroller these are a necessity but it is what we choose to buy and where we buy a lot of parents will buy two products or maybe three and sometimes they are brought seperately which becomes very expensive.

They do say that it benefits a family to buy something that will last the journey from birth to toddler and then you save a lot of money.

To buy everything together may cost but the quality is better than buying something because it may be a little cheaper will it take the workload can it last the time from birth to three years.

Paying a little extra for baby may be a lot to think about but at the end of the day you get a better product and it should last a little longer than having to pay out time and again so we can look at some prams.


Kamil, Classic 3-in-1 Travel System with 4 STATIC (FIXED) WHEELS incl. Baby Pram, Car Seat, Pushchair & Accessories (3-in-1 Travel System, Gray & Polka Dots)

This is a cheaper pram set it  cost  a lot less than the other three in one sets that you can buy, but it is what everyone wants not everyone has the money to buy the quality but it is impotant for the baby to be safe and warm so this would do the same job as the next pram as well.

This is the Silverross well known for the sturdiness and it is one of the most well known makes as well they do call the silvercross the roll royce of prams they have gone from bulky and quite lovely to a lot smaller and still quite sturdy.

Silver Cross Wayfarer Pushchair and Carrycot, Midnight Blue

This product also comes in different colors as well so it is quite good this has a good size basket underneath the pram it is easy to fold away as well.

There are many different makes to choose from and all very different prices it is the individual choice to what the require and how much they wish to pay also how long will it last is it worth buying better quality and just paying that little bit extra than may be paying out a few times over because the pram or the pushchair has broken or would you pay that little bit extra.


I would really like to know what you think about this post.


Thank you Tracey

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