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So we have so many different things set in a year but Halloween has been a massive part of a lot of families they celebrate Halloween with so many different costumes and fun things for children.

This s such a cute outfit for a small baby, you can buy on

Muium Halloween Costumes for Toddler Newborn Baby Girls Pumkin Print Halloween Zipper Hooded Romper Bodysuit Costume

So cute and looks so warm for the baby if they go out with family.

Halloween has been made into a party time for many and many people really enjoy the trickle treating with their young children such a fun experience for children to have and telling their friends what they were given in their baskets and how many they have already eaten.

The outfits are such fun to put your baby in and see the fun when they get older and take the pictures of them and how they used to look just for the fun.

Outfit Fun For Everyone

We all love some holiday times and how we can really put things to good use and have many parties inviting all our friends so we need to look the part and scare the heck out of our friends and family so let’s go and find what we need to push the boat out.

Some great outfits are on 

H.eternal Infant Bat Costume Sets, 2PC Newborn Halloween Baby Boys Girls Cute Set Ropmer+Hat Long Sleeve Bodysuit Jumpsuit Cotton Clothes

Such a cute little bat i bet this little bat could get some smiles and loads of cuddles and definitely win a party entry babies seem to be the life and soul for everyone so many people buy these cute outfits and take the baby with them and the rest of the children a smile does a lot.


The outfit can be seen and purchased on

We all enjoy dressing up and children more than anyone enjoys the joy and fun of it, mums enjoy putting their little ones in the outfits and finding out what other people think.

Just so sweet at any age the children are when they have the face paint on and their little bit of scary starts and the evolve into the dress up that they are vampires, Dracula mummies, pumpkins, and of course the witches that Halloween has been well. known for.

The best bit that any child loves are the parties and the fun food and sweets.

Party food is so good for children they have so much fun at certain times of the year when food is hidden and they have to find the gifts that are hidden these parties are not just for the children but adults, too they love to play games as well plenty of fun for everyone and such good humor as well.

There is a lot of difference between the adult and children’s parties such as alcohol and different food fun foods and games are had by everyone which makes for a great time.


Games and food often go together at Halloween time

sticky toffee apples

Apples bobbing in the water as you try to get them great fun

Pumpkin pie warm cinnamon custard

Hanging Treats filled with surprises

Jacket potato’s filled with choice

Hot chili in breaded wraps

sticky toffee pie with cream

These are just a few things that people enjoy over the Halloween period.



So the cauldron is ready and waiting to eat from and make your first spell a big wooden spoon will complete the set that you need.

The cauldron is all ready for that new little witch or Wizzard and spell bounding have the night of your life fun fun fun and stay safe.

Sweet is a huge part of Halloween and so much fun even when some children may have an allergy or they could make the children hypo but it is one night for them and maybe they won’t eat so many as their parents may keep the sweets in a safe place and just hand the child a few but really it does take away the fun.

But of course there are the games and they get played not just at Halloween so they are all go at any time good games are for anyone and everyone.

House to house some children go trick or treating on their own is not so safe but they are told where they can go or there is an adult near to them.

Fun is in the games and fancy dress and having the parties I guess dressing babies, toddlers, and young children up in the costumes is so much fun taking pictures holding the memories is even better.

Costumes are great and priced quite good-click the link to find out more


Cute little girls outfit for Halloween more to be found on the links that i have entered and attached.


There are so many different types of fireworks..

Sparklers are handheld

Catherine wheel



There are so many different fireworks and also different mixes  click to find out more



There are smaller packs of fireworks and everywhere sells very different packs prices vary, you can also buy single fireworks, usually with a pack of fireworks you should get a firelighter so that you can light the fireworks from a safe distance.

Image result for bonfire night pictures

Beautiful colors jacket potatoes loads of butter toffee apples and great company that is what anyone likes pictures say a lot when people  are having fun and not worried about doing the fireworks at their own house just with loads of friends and company but maybe no one knows each otherImage result for halloween pictures

There are so many things that they say you should or shouldn’t do always funny things,

Don’t walk under a ladder bad luck

Stroke a black good luck

Braking a mirror is seven years bad luck

Don’t pick dandelions they make you wet the bed

If you see a magpie on its own say hello to prevent bad luck

There are so many sayings but a lot of humor with those sayings as well most of them are quite old and followed through the years down the generations.

All Hallows eve and bonfire night are supposed to be full of fun and good parties the food is different loads of sweets and all the games that around keep everyone happy and occupied.

Please play safe and have fun to make sure the fireworks are set off in an area where there are no animals around and it is safe to do so,



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      Hi Ian

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