Baby and The Trimester.

The Truth Within and Forthcoming Birth


The elation of being pregnant and all the wonderful things that happen events there is no book that can prepare you for the next nine months.

The day you find positive on your test is either a day of happiness or total shock.

The first three months or as they say Trimester is probably the hardest but also could be the most lovely feeling knowing that you are carrying a new life inside of you.

So as the early weeks pass by and your body starts to change it may not be so noticeable to other people but to the new mummy to be it will feel like her body is growing fast and her emotions are changing so fast.

Along with the new pregnancy also comes the thought of what is happening why don’t I like the foods I usually eat and why can’t I keep them down coffee tastes like copper no one food or drink tastes good, maybe you are feeling sick or nausea just a little but then you may have sickness all day for quite a few months.

Some mummies can tolerate the sickness, some can’t it make through the day without being sick every smell of certain foods or drinks they can also cause heartburn which makes some days and nights unbearable but there are medications that can help them ease the heartburn.

The first scan it’s amazing you see the new addition growing inside of your body you may even be able to see the heartbeat as well this is an amazing thing to witness

That first scan is sometimes at about twelve weeks it is possible to see if there is more than baby in the womb.

The checks become more regular with the midwife and the doctor blood test and also regular urin checkups to keep an eye the sugar levels.

Baby Progression Of The Pregnancy


Now over three months the baby is visible and by four months the movement is like butterflies inside the mummies tummy, these movements become stronger as time goes by.

More appointments and the blood test to keep up to date with the health of baby and mummy the other checks that mummy has are blood pressure to be careful aware and careful of high blood pressure in case of preeclampsia which can cause swelling alot of women that have this sometimes either get induced or they have bed rest either in hospital or at home this means they are not allowed to do anything.

By now the changes are getting more visible to the mum the family and the rest of friends this is an exciting time when the new mum to be can feel more and more movement and can really start getting things together as they have passed the second trimester Things are really on the changing size wise and then visually everyone can see the bump growing and are aware of the mummy expecting a new arrival.

So during this exciting time of being pregnant you can start getting things ready for the new arrival and building things and making the nursery ready and prepared  and buying things like the changing areas baby baskets and some newborn nappies, things that are essential are important as  the baby may well arrive early so to have a bag packed beforehand.

Different Cultures and Their Beliefs

There are different sorts of pregnancy such as cultures and how the mum has to follow rules and be careful

Asian women suffer the largest proportion of the world’s maternal deaths. To reduce this, policymakers and healthcare providers must encourage women with traditionally low rates of maternal health care utilization to access services to help the women so that there are fewer deaths during pregnancy and birth.

Many Asian women continue to practice a wide range of traditional beliefs and practices during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. More information is needed on the benefits of formal maternal healthcare services; such educational programs should be geared towards not only women but also husbands, parents, and in-laws. By recognizing and appreciating common local beliefs, providers can be better positioned to provide culturally competent care. Instead of reducing the choices available to women during the birth experience, providers should understand, respect, and integrate cultural interpretations of childbirth and the needs of women and their families.

Some cultures after the birth the women go to stay with the women in the family for several weeks, of course there are many different cultures with different types of routines.

There are the gifts for the wives in certain countries the husbands buy after putting their wives through all the pain so they may receive a very expensive gift of maybe a ring or some sort of gold jewelry this is always to thank the wife for the gift of their new arrival.

The way the new mums are treated after differs very much in each and every country also in most hospitals around the world midwives used to be just female now there are male midwives as well, however they may not always be allowed in the delivery room if the women don’t request them and still has to be a female midwife.

Also age range is different when a lot of women finish having babies the average age is about 35 years old but when you go to a country where the women will have babies until they are sometimes past their sixties but sometimes the babies can be very small or have problems but this doesn’t always happen.

So the last part of the pregnancy is always the most exciting but mum is looking forward to the big day and wrapping everything up and finally having the baby in their arms.

A lot of babies can be born premature but this does not mean that there will always be problems, but occasionally baby may need to go to scabu special care baby unit just t be checked out sometimes they may need a short stay.

Other countries work differently with women and the premature babies they may have different remedies to help or cure the baby.

Roughly there are around about one in ten babies born too soon this is very risky and some do not survive because of lack of amenities for treatment which is what every country need to to help prolong the life of a newborn and give a chance to the new baby that was born too early.

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