Baby Cribs and Stands

 Cribs and Stands.


There are several different types of cribs and stands they have a wide variety of style the crib was started as far back 1600-1800 they were first of all wicker and woven they had changed the material a little way along the line then they changed to metal and lined it as well.

Some had a solid hood with a whitish color years ago they did not like the idea of the wicker because of bacteria they were also on the ground so early 20 century they lifted them from the floor so they would not be cold.

They changed the frame of the cribs because of bugs but they were not the most comfortable other dangerous critters but then they were introducing the baby to lead paint and other toxic materials

1920s – Baby “cages” became popular in the 1920s after Eleanor Roosevelt hung a chicken wire cage out the window for her child to nap in.

So times have really changed and safety was brought into force for the child the toxic paint was taken away and babies were not hung out of windows.

There are alot of different cribs out there to look at and different choices to choose from the new cribs to older ones however some cots and cribs are sold with there mattresses altogether it will just a few of them that will be brought as a separate item.

Crib with a canopy so beautiful white lace canopy a lot of cribs have stands or some are mobile with small wheels

This is a Waldin wicker crib and the best place to buy

WALDIN Baby wicker cradle, Moses basket, 4 models available,textile colour white

This Waldin crib is available in four colors it is so lovely

Although they can only be used for a few months maybe longer if the baby is quite small this would mean more use but also can be used for the next baby if any are planned.

The cheapest place to buy

This is a macc/ Full set grey wicker moses pod cocoon wicker basket with white waffle dressing 100% cotton rocking stand cocoon it is such a beautiful product for babies to be snuggled up in.

Beautiful crib. rocking crib for small babies maybe to about 4 months.

There are a lot of different styles in the cribs where they can be even different shapes as well as different colors.

The next thing that needs to be sorted is a safety mattress for the crib and possible for the cot as well they also come different depths and materials this can also depend on the sizes as well.

The mattress can be priced anything from £10.00 up to about £40.00 it depends on the size make and the quality of the product how will it stand to wear and tare.

Thes cribs usually come with mattresses so there is no point in buying a separate one but i have added a link just for the waldin mattress just in case they need one.

Cots and cot beds are different so they need alot more looking into and more thought these are the beds for the baby for a few years and you need to find one that will last for at least a couple of years if not more if you have more children so it is a good idea to look for quality and buy one that will change to a cot bed so that you can use for the next one once the older child has his or her own bed and then the new addition can use the cot once they are out of the crib

The best place to find these mattresses are Amazon they may differ in price but they are available.

Safety is essential when you have a baby you check everything and that includes the bedding so when buying the mattress, covers, sheets and blankets look for the safety tags on the products and fire resistant for peace of mind and baby safety then you know you have done the right thing to start with.

There are different colors in the cribs and many different designs when you are looking for cribs and cots it is the searching and finding the right product that you require but the best that you also want.

The old style cot used to have a metal tube to slide the cot side up and down now it is a plastic runner you can move the cot base up and down as well to adjust for the baby, as well as the baby, gets more active so you can drop the cot base down and use the sides rather than leaving them up.

When baby is awake and standing up in the cot you can watch them playing as they get older so the safety issue has already been put in place already for you.

Any questions or queries please leave me a message i will get back as soon as possible



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