Back In Time Woolly Hats Review On Baby Clothes

The Change in products Over The Years

So not so long back families would make the baby clothes and something special would be made to keep to pass down to the next generation as an heirloom for the family.

Baby clothes would either be made by sewing or they could be knitted they would have looms maybe for making blankets and wraps to keep baby tucked up tight and warm.

Times have changed so much that baby wear and everything else is made in large quantities and some of the ways it is made are not as good as when things were made by hand with that little bit of love added and more time.

The quantity has changed and so have the people most people need things like yesterday so the clothes are made in vast quantities not very much is made in the home anymore most of the clothes for anyone are brought from catalogs or on the internet this comes from so many parents having to work so it is easier for some people to order clothes.

A Large family many years ago would have made almost all the clothes and passed them on to the next child or children, they may have even been passed through to the next generation depending on how they would feel but usually pass down things like baby blankets and even terry nappies as long as they were white and probably boiled when washed.

Nappies used to hang on the line pure white they used to be, of course, they have changed they are now disposables which are not time-consuming but they are waste and they do not disintegrate as before the nappy liner could be put down the toilet which meant that the terry nappy could just go in a solution to take the stain away then they would wash them put the nappy through the old spin or washing machine.

The white line of the original nappy and how time has gone by now it is the easy way so that parents can go out and also go to work easy to carry disposable nappies.

Baby feeding also that has changed most babies are now fed by bottle and this could be because they had problems maybe they had an inverted nipple or feeding could be so painful.

The nipple shield is the one i have spoken about in my other post but it was a very short piece about them, there are so many different ways to protect your nipples and to make sure that the nipple does not dry and blister there is a special cream to apply just in case your nipples crack.

Some mums don’t like leaving a baby as they are breastfeeding so the best thing to do would be to express milk and put in a bottle for baby, some babies do not like the bottle after breastfeeding so there are different teats to try.

Baby bottles have also changed they were at one-time glass but now they are plastic time has changed everything that we used to buy or that our parents would buy.

There are different sterlising containers for the bottles and dummies to keep them clean away from germs as well.

We have safety as well when toddlers and babies that are either crawling or walking keeping everything out of baby reach so that there is no harm, things to keep out of reach are things like bleach, detol disinfectant, washing powder, in fact anything that a parent deems as a danger.

Then we take a long look at the transport for babies i enjoyed writing about this it as i think i took the history all the way back and look at the very first pram and the pushchair.

From a pull along box for the first pram that was strong then re-designed then there was the first of many silver cross the prams of royalty even they have changed over the years but still they are quite a firm build of product.

There are many other products out there that have changed and the worst part is the materials that they are built with they don’t last long and in some cases you can’t blame people when they go for the cheaper product which is they only way sometimes people can actually afford to buy what looks like a good quality product to use with their baby some of these products do however last but some don’t.

There isn’t a favorite as such maybe a few people will have a favorite and swear by that make but all in all they all do the same job as the  next and it is how long the product will stand the time but that also comes from how things are looked after.

Prams have not only changed but the material the shape and the wheel size as well.

The wheels were large and had spokes like a bike wheel and the rubber  was also very solid as the shape of the pram changed they reduced the size of the wheels but they also changed how they move.

The construction by now was a totally different shape and very much smaller comparing with the  original style of pram or even pushchair.

The wheels on the pushchairs  and on most of the new prams move by swinging around now something like the wheelchairs as well.

The baskets underneath the prams are made with a lighter material now, where in the older prams and pushchairs the baskets were a stainless steel product which wasn’t so deep but the were quite long they stood the test of time which was great.

Also the depth of the for instance silver Cross pram all of the body has changed where you could store some small things underneath the baby in the bottom of the pram that space has now gone and it is almost like the baby sits up when it is sleeping sometimes looks so strange..

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