Birth To Nursery and Beyond

Birth and Early Years


The eventful day has arrived and the work begins.

How do we build a relationship with your new baby this is a really important time from the minutes after giving birth to days, months and even years.

From birth we are calculating everything how the appointments that we have the times that the midwife will call shortly after the birth the midwife will call at the home for the first few days.

The first few days the baby will be checked making sure that everything is ok and nothing going wrong and there is no jaundice.

The baby will always have a vitamin E injection before they leave the hospital to give their immune system a boost.

When mum and baby leave the hospital they are visited by the midwife on regular daily visits for the first few days then the mum and baby will visit the medical center either weekly or monthly for baby weigh in and health check length.

These checks usually continue for a year or so to keep up with how the baby and toddler are health wise these checks will continue until the toddler starts preschool.

Time That Changes Everything

We take the good with the bad but sometimes when the child gets to two years of age that’s when they call it the terrible two’s and you know you have a toddler in the house the tantrums that can happen but some toddlers don’t have that at all.

Playing and the observations on how they control their temper playing with other children how they play together and their young personalities.

How young toddlers integrate into playing with being at home how mummy and daddy live the toddler will pick up on how things are working very quickly and have a very big tendency to copy what has happened at home, a lot of toddlers will copy mum and dad even as much as what they say.

So before children start first school or preschool there are appointments at the chosen school or preschool to find the best place for the child so that he or she fits in and learns to mix with older children as well and starts to learn how to integrate play and work together this takes time and the children getting used to each other.

The Appointments Continue.

Before all of this there are the preschool injections there are two sets of them as well most youngsters do not like these but they have to have them to prevent a lot of common childhood ailments like chicken pox, measles, german measles there are other infections that children pick up and if they get them when they are young it is not so bad as they get older it can be quite bad.

There can be a reaction to the injections such as a temperature which is very common which can easily be reduced by calpol or a mild paracetamol formula for the child to start feeling more like their own person and start feeling better within a few days.

The injection for the preschool are to protect the children from all of the infection that go around they call these childhood ailments for a reason that they are supposed to be just caught when the child is small on some occasions older children or adults can get these infections and some turn to shingles which is not nice and can be quite dangerous.

The baby also will have injections first booster will be about three months then there is another about six months as well these can be really hard for the parents as they will see their tiny baby crying not for the usual nappy change or for the colic either but the pain of the injection.

Baby to toddler you really see a huge difference.

From the baby that was needing mum and wanting cuddles this is the time that has changed where the toddler is getting independent and they want to be the boss this is where they really start to learn more and more.

The toddler will be wanting to do what they want possibly copying what everyone else is doing and if you have a boy may be dads tools need to be put away as boys usually like to take the tools and use them t be just like dad building and creating something.

There are benefits when the toddlers are between two and three years old and they learn to eat well and sit down to eat getting the greens and making food interesting introducing shapes so that the child is interested in what they are eating.

So toddler is now at first school and learning with other children making new friends and playing as well, sometimes they come home with some reading and letters to learn while at home with mum and dad or even gran and grandad this is so important as it is fun when the youngsters are learning it helps them absorb everything and it also helps them mingle while at school.

As always it is important to keep on top of your child’s education keeping everything up to date and viewing what they had learned at school how they feel about the school they are in and what do they do in their break times.

Keep up to date in case they are being bullied or maybe they are the bully.

Always keep up with what is going on make sure your child is happy and that they are achieving what is the most beneficial for both parent and child this keeps everyone happy.

Again as the child gets older and needed changing the school again but some children can actually stay in the school that they are in until they go to high school but there will be slight changes if they stay in the same school.

However if they do decide to change school they will have to look and get to the proper catchment area but this could be a slight problem if there are no spaces in which case parents have to look further away from their area.

Also as the children get to high school there is another booster that they have called mmr and this also prevents infections through their lives.

Some parents do not like their children having the injections for fear of other problems happening there was a big argument about the injection causing problems in the children having the injections.






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