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I have some ideas that i would like to pass on to other mums, new mums, and pregnant mums i want to start up a page for everyone to chat and share stories.

Maybe a chat room where mums can speak directly to each other,  ask questions and get feedback.

New mums and expecting mums don’t often get their questions answered by people or their queries about things that they want information on, have a general conversation get ideas.

Most importantly get ideas that you can put to good use meet and befriend other women that are in the same position.

Meeting other women that need help maybe they are in a different country and they are on their own and want to learn things and have new friends or someone who needs just a general chat.


New mums meeting and problem pages, coffee room.

Different days different subjects posting page even if you want the husband involved but that may be a separate page involving the men i think i haven’t really involved the husbands so i need to introduce them into the web page as well.

There are many things that i have to do to build my blogs, post and pages up so any information is welcome i am new to the bogging on here but facebook i used to do a site for counseling and helping people through problems.

This is a shortfall of men giving their opinions on birthing subjects an what they would like to be doing while their partners or wives are either pregnant or giving birth i think it is about time that men started to talk.

I think that men should be in the room while the new baby is being born but there may be a reason why they don’t actually want to be where they may be squeamish have a fear of blood or of needles who knows as the main conversation is usually about the new mum to be, so we need to get everyone talking about life as well and their fears we can take things in and make it easier for each and every one.

Speaking out and getting people to understand how the other feels half feels when situation are stressful for many men that have not seen their wives or partners go through birthing it is the fear of the unknown and maybe seeing the wive in pain through the labor makes the man feel very uneasy.

Helping each other on a blog page and making new friends that have been through the same situation will help even setting a page later for men that feel they need to talk about these things and ask the questions see how many people react to the blogging.

Asking any questions within reason can and will be answered by someone or by me.

I am a mum of four grown children and i had three quite awkward pregnancies and one really great pregnancy my three daughters were the ones that i had a hard time with my eldest was almost a month late and my labor was almost two days long, my waters had to be broken as they were fully intact and i needed them to go so that my labor could progress my daughter was born at 9pm November  1984 she was so good but she was a blue baby and had a squashed left eye but it did not take long for her to get better and she soon thrived.

I also had my monthlies for five months of my pregnancy with all three of my daughters.

However my second baby was another girl and for the first three months i was carrying twins but unfortunately, i lost one of them at about twelve weeks again this baby was another late she was due in April and born in May 1989 she was a totally different baby from my eldest she was born after my waters had broken when i was out shopping and my labor was so strong but this baby was not a quiet angel when she came  into the world she was born at two thirty am.

My next baby was a boy and my pregnancy was great no problems he was a good baby when he was born he was just a couple days late but he was slightly jaundiced which meant that he went into the light incubator for a day or so but he was ok we went home after two days he was born in 1991 feb.

My next pregnancy was not so good from the beginning always sick and very heavy from the start again another late daughter she was born by C section because i had a fall right at the last minute so the cord was up through her legs and then round her neck and then wrapped around her ankles she was the center of my eldest daughters world she loved her so much my youngest was born in may 1993 i had to stay in hospital for nine days and then i had to rest quite a lot because of the wound.

There many different stories of women and their births i hope i get some response from some women and girls even then men it is very interesting hearing other stories so please don’t hesitate.


Please don’t hold back tell your story and i promise you will get a reply



Feel free to contact me on my email or message me.



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6 thoughts on “Blogging Between everyone

  1. roxydog1312 Reply

    Wow, your stories about your pregnancies really tug at the heart.  My kids are about the same age as yours, born in 1986 and 1987.  My oldest daughter will be having her second child in just a few weeks.  My two kids were both 2 weeks late, the longest 2 weeks of my life, I can tell you that.  There could not have been two more different pregnancies, and my two girls are as different from each other as night and day.  I like the premise of you website.  It will be nice to read other’s stories.  Great post!  RhondaLeigh

    • admin Reply

      Hi Rondal

      Thankyou so much I did enjoy doing this post it brought back some lovely memories 

      I want to start anothother post this week at some point or blog.


  2. Cheryl Brown Reply

    Hi Tracey, this is a great idea and being the mum of 3 grown up children, 2 of which were born 9 weeks early being able to share my worries and thoughts as well as the good times and sharing milestones with other mums would have been a great thing. As you know, it is not always easy to get out and about with young babies, being able to meet other mums online would have been ideal.

    So I wish you great success with this idea and I know that it will do well as will the rest of your site.

    • Tracey Spinney Post authorReply

      Hi Cheryl
      Thank you very much.
      I am glad that i have posted it we need more people speaking about things and their experiences it interesting to learn other peoples stories
      and help them out with problems or talk through them

  3. smarthomekitchen Reply

    Hello Tracey. I’m quite surprised at what you have gone through your pregnancies and your labor. But, you have endured all of them as well as your children. Being pregnant and on labor is putting your one leg on the grave as my obstetrician said. I was then 50-50 when I gave birth to my son due to high blood pressure. But, thank God I recovered and he is now a healthy boy. Your idea of putting blogging or forum for moms and women is great. Many women can share their experiences and can help other women who are new mothers too. Hoping you pursue this idea. Thank you for sharing your experiences as well in this article. Take care always and God bless!

    • Tracey Spinney Post authorReply

      Thankyou so much for your comment it is such a positive response I am going to continue writing and see what happens.
      Many thanks Tracey

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