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There are so many things that make life so hard and how other people approach the way you deal with problems when you are in the public eye.

A lot of people now will comment about women breastfeeding in public the response is not nice when you have a baby that needs feeding even when the baby is covered someone will always make some sort of comment.

Then you may well have the other comments about why are you not breastfeeding it is much better for the baby, it is like you have an audience when all you are trying to do is feed the baby and make them feel good and fill their little tummies.

The other one i used to get is why are you changing the nappy here why can’t you leave it until you get back to your house ok that is not a nice thing to see but there are plenty of places to actually change the baby without anyone seeing what is going on.

What types of nappies are you using which ones do you prefer Terry’s nappies or the disposable how many people will answer the question of who will go for the value of the flush away nappy liner and the wash of the terries nappy they last a lot longer and you can use them more than once.

What do you find stops you doing things when you have the baby is it

  • Not having enough time
  • Fear of going out
  • After having the baby you have no one to talk to
  • You think that everyone is watching what you are doing
  • Do you really want to mix with others or other new mums
  • What mode of transport do you prefer buses or car or do you walk
  • When did you start your baby on solids
  • What do you feed your baby do you give baby the same food as you eat or do you buy packet foods
  • What sort of security do you use to keep your baby safe
  • What did you enjoy about the birth
  • What pain killer did you use during the birth
  •  Did you buy all new newborn clothes for your babies
  • How was your labor


There are plenty of different types of birthing plans that any new mums can choose from and get their wishes and give birth the way that they wish to have.

Natural Birth is the oldest and the most used unless there are problems then they will have assistance as well.

The pressure would be that during birth that is awkward so the midwife or doctor will use some sort of assistance and guide the baby out.

Sometimes they will use a monitor may be attached to the top of the babies head to keep an eye on the heart rate of the baby.

the other assistance that may happen maybe a suction to assist the delivery easier and aids the delivery of the baby this may make the babies head shape like a cone for a couple of days.

Then another delivery would be C section when the mum cannot deliver the baby on her own or the baby is in distress there are many reasons why they would do a C-section.

Of course, there are many other ways to stay or try to stay relaxed and enjoy or  at least try to enjoy the labor there are the exercise balls that are used to relieve the pain and help the labor quite a bit, the birthing pool is great and seems to make the labor a little easier, different positions laying in the bed up on all fours, rocking your body helps as well.

There are loads of different ways to ease the pain, epidural which is a spinal injection and numbs the back almost completely there is another injection very similar but it is just an injection not with a tube like the epidural.

Then, of course, there is the home birth as well as the hospital.

When you are in labor have you ever wanted to go to the toilet or felt very embarrassed about the other half being in the room if you are being examined.

When you are out before the birth have your breasts leaked

Waters breaking when you are in the public

Giving birth in public without warning

Different types of stories the funny side of birth and the horror stories as well.

We all go through some stories that we never talk about and we tend to lock them away not to be spoken about forever more but really they are the stories that need to be told to help others understand that the pain or horror never lasts that feeling does subside eventually.

My eldest daughter was born on November the sixth 1984 she was the most amazing arrival into my life, however, I was in labor for thirty-nine and a half hours, then she was born a blue baby her left eye was squashed but she was beautiful loads of long curly black hair she had piercing black eyes and  beautiful  chubby cheeks.

The worst part I think of the whole labor was that my waters had not broken at all and I was in a lot of pain so I was given pethidine to ease the pain and from then my waters were then broken which is when my labor took the turn I never thought I would experience the hate of food especially chicken and the smell of it, my father had walked in the delivery room with two chicken burgers all i could say to him was please get out I feel sick so my poor mum went along with him so that she could eat.

My fourth child was a daughter she was also late, my son was young and was playing with a bottle of liquid which he dropped on the floor which at the time was lino I stepped down off of a chair and then overdue also went flying turning baby around which made her breach with the cord wrapped her up between her legs and around her ankles then around her neck that was a very scary time, I had never had an operation before so I was going in for a C-section and was very apprehensive about this. I have to admit I was in pain but soon got over it and recovered with help from my mum she was my rock.

There are many stories that people or new mums could tell about their different experiences of childbirth, there are some families that attend births or there are families that cannot have babies but they are present at the birth of their adoptive baby.

I would like if anyone would write their stories and send them to me i will not name anyone unless i am told i can put names down.





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  1. Trevor M says:

    This one is for my wife! She is a new mom, our daughter is 9 months and she found out she is 3 1\2 months pregnant! We cant be more happier! Everyone (mothers) is different and so are their stories of bringing their babies earth side! We are thrilled to go through it again despite difficulties our daughter and mother are both here. Birth plans never work out however. Maybe someone got lucky however things happen and things change!! Women handle pain differently as my wife was recommended the epidural and had no choice to take it as she was overdue her due date by over a week and induced. So many stories that need to be heard and share and THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO SCARE NEW MOTHERS! I know my wife heard horror stories but it all works out in the end and you forget all about the pain when you see that little bundle of joy! 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Trevor

      Congratulations to you both it is such a wonderful part of life.

      Thank you for your reply it was really great no there are the good and the bad with different births but the bad stories are not meant to scare new mums they are the new stories or stories to be read and every one of them is different.

      You sure do forget everything when the bundle has been placed in your arms wow such a beautiful experience.


  2. Pentrental says:

    When it comes to public breastfeeding, I say, less is more. If you need to though, I’m all for it. If it keeps the baby quiet carry on. Society it too sensitive today when it comes to these matters. Giving birth in public, that’s a different story. Tracey is such an angel! Great post 🙂

    1. admin says:


      Thank you for a great reply i totally agree with society are too sensitive but not just sensitive it is a kind of ignorance towards natural elements breastfeeding is one of the most natural forms and such a blessing.

      There are s many different stories that never get told so i really want people to come up with how and where they gave birth, a few years back there was a guy that did an op in the street on a heart patient.

      Thank you again for a lovely reply.


  3. MissusB says:

    My child births were somehow easier compared to others. With my two kids, I only had about 10 hours of labor. Though it hurt me a lot having those contractions, I endured it along with my husband. My first one is a boring labor actually. There were no screaming, or cursing. We welcomed our son with so much joy.

    The delivery of my daughter was different. I was laboring in the house when I called my husband from the office so he can be with me in the hospital. He texted back saying he will just have to finish his important meeting. I was so mad but I didn’t take it on my labor. I believe that despite the situation I needed to be calm. After 4 hours of waiting I heard the car stopped. I immediately hurried out and slammed the maternity bag into the car. Told him to go straight to the hospital. He was like a kitty cat when he saw that I was furious of him making me wait because of the meeting. 

    In the hospital, I allowed med students to observe my childbirth since I am a teacher. Because I don’t usually scream and cry (just held my muffled pain), one student said to the nurse, “It doesn’t seemed that she’s about to deliver, she’s not that in pain at all” The nurse shushed her but I caught her words. I think my persona just switched that I grabbed and reached her face (too bad,she’s just beside my bed) and screamed at her, “Get out, you little **cker!”. Everybody was shocked, the girl was kicked out by the nurse as I was telling everyone not to say a word. Only the doctor will do the talking! My OB was so apologetic while delivering my baby. Maybe it was the  anger that I had my daughter out in 20 minutes after the incident. I learned not to think about other people. They can be inconsiderate all they want and I could be too. I don’t like to mess with other people’s business and they don’t have to with mine. Wow, it felt good sharing this memory. Salute to all the mothers!

    1. admin says:


      Thank you so much great story i hope to put this on my posts if that is ok with you.

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