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Time of year that we want enjoyment and happiness a really busy time when the whole family gets together.

The time is when there is so much to buy so much to make and do,

Buying or making Christmas cake soaking the fruit

Preparing travels

Babies first Christmas                                                                      Image result for past and present pictures of children and santa at christmas pictures

Family stay over

We may go over the top when we buy our presents and the food but it is once a year after all and we need to enjoy this time without worrying about anything.

Turkey is a big part of most peoples Christmas and that gets brought quite a while before and then there are all the sauces that go along with the dinner the traditional dinner usually consists of roast potatoes, parsnips, beans, stuffing, sprouts and a very tasty gravy which leaves a fabulous taste when you have finished.

Then there is, of course, the traditional Christmas pudding which not everyone likes but it is served with brandy sauce and before anyone eats it it is doused in brandy and set alight it should have an old penny inside it when the flames have died down then it is cut and served with the sauce.

Christmas and children full of happiness and laughter y mornings and excited children finding their stockings and quickly waking mums and dads jumping n the bed to get them up the pleasure is seeing the children enjoy everything they get.

Eating breakfast and so quickly so they can get to the presents to see what they have some children like the boxes more than the presents and they just rip the rapers off of the presents and play with the boxes for hours, Christmas is a lot of money but really so worth it to see the faces of children that are happy and contented with the gifts that they have received.

To view this tree and many others there are on this link


Buying the Christmas food this seems to be a huge thing now shops open all hours and booze sold on a plate, Christmas trees galore decorations for everyone to choose so many different colors and shapes bright and shiny i think they call it the WOW factor of the year when everyone can enjoy this the presents under the tree and the warm cozy winter nights.

A coal fire with a Christmas tree at the side stockings on the fireplace waiting to be filled, milk in a mug for Santa to drink a plate with a carrot and few cookies for Santa to enjoy.

The smell of a good roast dinner on Christmas day that lingers through the house the cracker by everyone’s place at the table the things that no one eats through the year that they love at this time of year.

Cozy evenings with the hot chocolate with cream or marshmallows its that special touch the boxes of chocolates at this special time.

Times be cracking on and nothing has been brought hell what do i do i look for help where can i go apart from pulling my hair out and many days of searching.

Decorations and trees are the things that the children love to help with so it is important to get the tree sorted if you are buying a real one then you need to get it just before Christmas but an artificial tree you need to be looking at least a month before Christmas so that the ones that you like do no disappear.

Some people love new decorations every year and it is really great when you have young children to put their own decorations on the tree or put the angel on the top, next is the chocolate decorations which most people love.


The fun is in the time and the build-up to the big day and how much the fun is in the excitement of the day in which everyone enjoys.

Filling the stockings those late nights creeping around and finding the things that you have hidden in the cupboards and the tiny places that you find to put things in, stockings filled and either on the end of beds or hooked on the fireplace fun in the morning when little ones wake smiles on faces with excitement in mind if only just to get breakfast over and try and start again.

A long day cooking and cleaning but the day is so different for the children when they are by the tree and opening their presents the look on their faces the smiles say everything the happiness wow what can you say you have worked all year to make this happen.


The most lovely time of Christmas is when you have a  baby or a toddler and the first time they see the presents and try to open the boxes they are so inquisitive and then the presents get put aside for that box and get in and play that’s the fun of having a baby around and watching them the love that comes along with that is excitement watching what the baby or toddler is doing funny things happen at the right time.

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Baby has no idea what is going on all the excitement in the house mummy buying so many things and putting them away, the visits to the other family members

Image result for past and present christmas pictures

The old fun Christmas everything was kept at arm’s length no child had an idea where their presents were they also did not know what their presents were they did not get asked what they wanted there were no tablets to play on no mobile phones and children respected what they got given, nowadays children have grown up toys and they are not great for children making them grow far too quickly if a gift should be given should be something like a proper toy or an educational toy to help children be children until they are ready to grow up.

Christmas is for giving and receiving the gift of Christmas.

Christmas is for people and families to enjoy time together and eat as much as they want the tins of chocolates, the satsumas, all the nuts homemade sweets yummy.

Image result for past and present pictures of children and santa at christmas pictures

Santa and the cute little children the Santa looks real and not frightening for the children a lot of people used to take their children to the Santa Claus in a department store or to the Santa that arrived on the sleigh it was fun fo the childrenso they could have a festive build-up before Christmas and enjoy all the fun that goes with the even.



Back years ago some families could not even afford a lot so they would make the simplest of presents for their families

even in this day and age people can’t afford a lot as things are so expensive so they will make do with what they have.

The story of scrouge is a typical example of families living on the breadline and really struggling another problem now is also the same as in the days of the film scrouge where money was an issue and many families only had one wage coming into the home.

So when we are all sitting and enjoying our dinners and opening our presents thnk of the families that have not got that luxury and they are happy with second-hand things or things that are given as a result of others knowing that there is not a great deal of money coming in.

Image result for past pictures of how christmas was and the dinners of struggling families

The family that had nothing were usually the happiest families even though they were struggling to put food on the table so Christmas would have been no different to a normal day for the family.

When we buy things maybe we should all think and remember that there are families that we could all help over the time of Christmas as poverty is still a massive problem in almost every country.

We maybe could buy a little something for the people that need a  chicken, veg, potatoes or get a few people together and buy things and share them out between other people not everyone is so lucky.

My Christmas post may not be all happy but it is the thought that counts

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