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So how can anyone tell if they know someone is going through something that they are not talking about.

There are a few ways that a person may of changed and sometimes this may be visible or the person may hide that way they are actually feeling or they may not be aware that they are actually showing signs of some sort of depression, which can really come out in many different ways.

I can help clients to recover or at least guide them through this bit by bit.

There are quite a few ways i can help guide a client through their pain and the problems that they are having to deal with.

There are a few ways that things or issues can be talked through with client’s to help them through their problems without medicine to start off with.

In the beginning of when first meeting a client there will be a list of things that are required depending on what the problems are and how deep the problem really is.

The initial meeting between the client and the counselor.

Setting meeting days and times, the first meeting it is very important to allow two hours as this could be very upsetting also very hard for the clients to speak.

The first conversation should be getting to know each other and what is ahead and maybe a small discussion about the problems.

Setting a time scale for the client asking them when they would like to be finished

Always leaving the option for the client to return if they need to explain that when they leave they can return if they need to speak with a counselor at all.

One of the most important things is that there is a form of homework set for the client to help them see their own progress.

The homework may be based on the client’s sleep pattern to see how the client sleeps what they and how they settle at night what helps them rest at night.

There will be self challenges and a list of things that are small but enough to help acknowledge some things that may start a panic attack or could bring back memories that the client may need to talk about.


The best way is to talk to start off with and explain to the client what it is available to help them with and how we would go about putting together the healing process.

There is a daily diary that the client can write in and give a check on it every few hours, also the diary is important so that the client can view what they have said in writing they can also see their own progress.

Homework is set for the client so that they can understand themselves and follow what has been set for them this also helps the counselor to understand more about what has happened and why the client is the way they are at the time.

Writing down is very important as the counselor can see where the stress and fear start to show which is where they can then set a routine for the client to follow and set the times in their own diaries for the client tow rite and see what happens and watch out for the changes throughout the weeks.

The next challenge would be not to play games late at night as this will make the brain work overtime and the client may not be able to relax before bed.

Of course, there are other things to do like artwork this is a great form of relaxation also helps with depression, art therapy clears the mind and helps concentration with other things.

Also, i would advise that the client does not drink coffee or tea before going to bed as these are the drinks that stimulate the brain as the games do as well and it is important to keep the mind clear at night.

If watching the television at night it is good to watch something that has humor a comedy something that will keep you relaxed and not stress the mind so much.

Any sort of abuse victimization lowers the confidence level and often make a lot of people male or female feel that they are not worthy of anything this is because of the person or people that have caused the abuse the fear can take forever but things do ease even if the client cant forget.

Writing is such a good way of getting your feelings out and making them easier to deal with in other ways, this is where you become a survivor and not a victim.

There are many reasons a person needs to have counseled some of the reasons:

PTSD/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This could be some soldiers returning from war or working in the fields

PND Postnatal Depression

This is after the birth of a baby the birth could have been easy but a hard time for new mums to come to terms with.

Alcohol abuse

This can be brought on by many traumas in life, not just a night out it is a build-up of many things.

Physical Abuse

This can mean be so many different things


Mental Abuse



Grooming means that someone is or has been training young children or teens to do something that is not right

Forced marriage

Forced marriage is a big problem and even in this day and age women or even very young girls are being sold from their own families in marriage to total strangers, they endure physical and mental also rape this can go on for many years and there are so many stories of young girls that have been married at the age of twelve years old and they have been repeatedly raped maybe even had a baby.

Sometimes these young girls manage to escape but they have to go in hiding as well as in some cases they fear for their lives a lot of these girls flee their countries for safety.

This is a major problem as it still goes on in this day and age there are many deaths because of this.

Any type of abuse should be stopped but no one knows when it is happening apart from the person it is happening too and they more than often get blackmailed by the abuser never tell it will be your fault there is no actual way to stop the abusers doing these things.

There are many counseling places to attend but they cost even if you attend the doctors and this can really e a lot of charging depending on how many sessions the client needs.

You can get help as well from the doctor they will advise on which medication is needed if the client, sometimes clients prefer to take the route of being counseled as there are no drugs involved, this is not a walk in the park it is trying to heal clients who have been through trauma.

This is an outline of some guidelines and help that can be accessed through the doctor or privately.

I am very open when a payment scheme is put in place as i don’t think that some amounts that get charged are the right way about taking so much money from clients.






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  1. Hello and thanks so much for the insight. What you have written will help so many people your post is informative and filled with tons of information.

    1. Hi Norman
      Thank you very much for such a great comment as you always do write such positive thoughts.


  2. Justin says:

    This read was very informational.  I love the vibe of the article and felt like you were really connecting with me on a deeper level.  Thank you for researching all this information.  I have suffered from some of the issues you listed myself and I have been working with orgainizations (small still) to help others.  Thanks again.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Justin

      I have quite a bit of experience as well as experienced a fair bit of what is on here and i decided that i would study and help people where i can.

      Thank you for the comment.

  3. Shelley says:

    Thanks for this article . I cannot agree with you less concerning your stipulations here because I believe that the first discussion should really be about getting to know one another and how best yo solve the difficulty at hand. I believe that writing it out too could also be of great help in furthering with the problem towards getting a better solution. Great article and I also think money too is integral in the discussion. What could possibly be the right amount to charge for counselling

    1. admin says:

      Hi Shelly

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, the first discussion is getting to know each other but it is also getting to know why the client needs help

      writing is what i have explained in doing a diary and explaining about the client and what has happened but also about things that upset them. 

      I know from counseling the prices here are very high and i am not so sure what i should ask for.

      I have worked with someone who needed help through depression before.

  4. Henderson says:

    Wow, there’s so much information in your list here and I’m glad that I came across your post. You see, the issue of counselling is very important because many people go through a whole lot things and sometimes it’s hard to say them. I think the technique in writing is a very good that more people should try to use. Very nicely written post here. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Henderson 

      Thank you for your comment i really do hope that i can help others with their problems.


  5. Chloe says:

    So far I have come across so many people who have something bothering them so much it could rip them apart but they find it difficult to share and this is more amongst teenagers. So many if them would have problems with school, home/family, relationship(partners)  but wouldn’t know to do deal with, and I tell you keeping it isn’t the best option.
    However, looking at the steps or tips you have given here as to helping people relax so they can talk, i beleive they are some really effevtive means to helping these people when they have a problem. Thanks for this educative post.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Chloe

      Thank you for your comment 

      I hope my posts do get recognized and i can help people get through issues in their lives it would make me so happy.


  6. Nate Stone says:

    Hi Tracey, 

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve previously been through counselling and something my counsellor advised was to keep a diary and it’s something I actually do to this day, as I still find it extremely therapeutic! It sounds like you truly care and feel like you can help with a number of potential issues, is online counselling something you can offer/ have considered offering?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Nate

      Thank you for the comment.

      I really do care and i also did the diary also when you train as a counselor you get asked to write a small diary for the purpose that we also know how it feels to clients it is very good to keep this going as you can always look back and know that you have progressed.

      I really hope that i can help more people that have problems.

  7. Claudio says:

    Hello Tracey,

    I have family members who feel very depressed. There are difficult times in Argentina, many violent people are seen. In my case I never had depression, maybe in a short stage of my adolescence I felt depressed how ugly I felt. 

    I will thank you for telling me how we can help people suffering from depression, make them write the help? Is there any kind of effective medication?

    Thank you very much for your advice! Claudio

    1. admin says:

      Hi Claudio

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      The only other treatment for depression other than talking or doing an activity is visiting the doctor and taking medication, there are other ways to get rid of stress through activities that people enjoy but writing a day to day diary is really good this helps lear the mind and helps people talk to each other as well.

      Thank you again


  8. John says:

    In the workd

    , there are so many people going through different phases in their lives. You see, there’s something about ladies being abused that hurts me. So many ladies raped and battered. It’s not like the men don’t have problems too but I fell the ladies get the most of all the pain and this is where caring and counselling comes in. I have learnt a great deal on your site and I know more now about the writing technique. Nicely written!

    1. admin says:

      Hi John

      Thank you for your comment

      I know that a lot of men get abused i do sympathize and it is so hard for men to speak up, so counseling is not just for women but men as well everyone gets hurt at some point in their lives but not everyone speaks up which is very sad. 

  9. C says:

    Thank you for this article. Do you believe it’s better to do counseling without medicine? I think that’s better to start because sometimes you can deal with things psychologically without having to begin taking any kinds of chemicals. Do you find that people who come to you at first have sleep issues and then you help them improve their sleep and they feel better? 

    Do you recommend that clients go to any kind of support group outside of therapy, or to just focus on going to therapy only? Also, sorry if I missed it but do you conduct your own Therapy Group for groups of your clients to come in at once? Thanks and I think it’s nice that you like to help people with caring and counseling.

    1. admin says:


      Thank you for your comment really it is great and i truly believe that if people can stay away from medication and get help without this and working with the clients talking and encouraging them that therapy is a good way to go using different kinds of therapy art diary talking exercise these things are just a few that can work helping people.


  10. Jones says:

    please I have a question, it is, I have a friend who actually I know is always depressed and we’ve been recommending so many counsellors to him bit he won’t go, what can I so to make him relieved even before we’re able to persuade him to see the counsellor??

    Thanks for sharing this great information, its a very interesting post and I like it. I must say this post is really full of sight and its really helpful. No one knows what kind of pain the other person is ensuring an d what they are pass I g through, most people don’t seem to understand that a problem shared is a problem liable to be solves. So, do  bit of sharing and don’t forget sharing it with the right person, like A Counsellor, this is the best trained in this field.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Jones 

      Thank you for the comment

      First of all, do you know what has happened to your friend, or has he had an accident in the past?

      Be careful not to look like you are prying as he may take offence and also may back away even further.

      There are a few things to do what is the interest of your friend see if you can get him writing don’t tell him what it is for tell him t write how he feels on a day to day basis this should help.  

      There are art therapies as well any sort of art really can help.

      Tread carefully and draw him out don’t mention  counselor you can contact let me know how things go  please


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