Different Types Of Feeds

Breast Feeding

So the best method that has always been promoted to feed the baby is breastfeeding but some mums can’t feed by breast there are many reasons why they can not do this as well.

Breastfeeding has always been acknowledged as the best method for the baby it protects them in the first few months also baby does not seem to have so much colic or breastfeeding prevents colic also breastfeeding gives the baby a good immune system and stops baby having infections.

Breastfeeding is an easy way as well to feed the baby as the milk is at the right temperature all the time there is no heating water up washing bottles it is on tap all the time.

Mum may have something called an inverted nipple which mum can still breastfeed from as the babies mouth should cover the whole of the areola and this may take a little time for both mum and baby to get the hang of this and make sure baby is in the right position to put the baby on the breast in the correct position so that baby can feed properly and there is no pain through the feeding.

There are products that will help extend the nipple and help when feeding the baby a nipple shield which will help in the lengthening the nipple which will help when feeding the baby.

The new mum could express milk if she can’t feed her baby by breast or if it hurts to feed the baby so expressing milk still gives the baby the nutrition that comes directly from the breast giving baby a better chance against any infections making the baby immune system stronger.

There are creams to help ease any pain in nipples it gives a light relief by using the cream until she feels that there is no need for it again.

When the baby is born it is better to latch on the breast as soon as possible giving the baby the best chance also helps mum with the first milk for the baby as this is the most important part also this will bring the milk through properly so it is really important to have a good support bra and nursing pads because of leakage when or during feeding.

There are bottles that have a shaped nipple almost like the mothers which will make it easier for baby to feed without any problems, There have been several different bottles produced to simulate the breast so mum can express sometimes and go out without worry but things have changed over the years.

Bottle Feeding Formula

For some mums they can not breastfeed so the bottle is the one they turn too to give the baby each feed.

The difference is bottles need to be sterilised after every use and prepared and stored and ready for the next feed.

As baby grows there are the changing of the teats so that the feeds flow through the nipple of the teats and baby can suck properly.

In order to make sure that the bottles are cleaned properly there are a few ways of doing this and this means having a small bottle brush so that you can get into the top of the teat and a slightly bigger brush to clean the bottle then the bottle and teat needs to go into a sterilising unit there are many different sterilisers out now to choose from and using sterilising liquid or tablets.

Before using the bottle ensuring that they are washed out with boiled water then to make the formula for the baby ready for the next feed or when the baby wakes up.

Bottle feeding is convenient as mum can prepare the bottles before leaving the house and place them in a warmer to give to the baby when they are out, before using the bottle after preparing the feed the teat should be turned upside down with a cover put on top then the lid to secure the whole lot together.


Newborn and Milk Intolerance.


Some babies are allergic to milk there are signs to look for and to be aware of some of these signs are rashes vomiting loose stools, scaly skin, blood in the stool these are just a few things that you can look for and be aware if your baby has an intolerance to milk or dairy products.

There are around two to three percent of babies with the allergy to milk or dairy products and they usually grow and it clears so that they can eat what they like, sometimes they don’t grow out of the intolerances it can be a life long challenge and you get used t the fact that you cannot have milk or dairy in the diet.

As the child or baby gets older there are certain ways to get the proteins that are needed to keep healthy.

As babies can not tolerate the lactose in the milk there are now other products such as goats milk which does not carry the amount of lactose that dairy milk does and also means that baby could drink this but there is also soya milk there so many different forms or soya milk out now and it is a good idea to get baby started the minute that you realise that your baby has an intolerance to dairy.

There are so many ways to see or tell if your baby or toddler has an intolerance, the sickness vomiting it could be minutes after eating or drinking dairy milk, dairy ice cream and some fruit yogurts, thinking about these things there are so many things that people want to eat cakes are the biggest one and ice cream as these are the things that people crave and its an everyday thing with young children so if the baby does not grow out of the intolerance while being young it can go all the way through their lives so they will grow to understand what they can and cannot eat.



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