Everything In The Accessory Mode you need

Before new arrival comes into the world there are a few things that both mum and baby need.

In Mum’s case

Nursing pads

Support Bras

Nursing Bras

Sleep Bras

Sanitary towels


Clean clothes for an overnight stay




Face cleanser

Hospital notes or folder

The idea of taking bags is for clean clothes and the accessories that we need when in hospital a new mum would need a little extra because you never know what will happen so it is a good idea to put somethings that you like such as a book for reading or a crossword puzzle, then also make sure there are enough breast pads so to prevent leaking and being uncomfortable.

For baby’s bag, you will need

A pack of nappies

All in one babygro






Baby body wash


Cotton wool

There are many things that are needed to take in the hospital for both new mum and baby they can be quite expensive, but look for what you really need and maybe buy extra at the right price.

Of course, there are the helpers that will put together baskets for new mum and babies they help sort the accessories that are needed when a new parent has not got the time to do it if they are in full-time work when they are expecting and need a little extra help, i think this is a great idea and helps a lot.

Baskets of accessories are available for new expecting mum and for the new arrival, there are so many different styles of baskets or they can be made up to the request of the client or new parent.

The color and style will or should be decided by the client and the important part should what does the client wish to fill the basket with.


Clothing through pregnancy used to be big and did not really that elegant style they changed greatly over the years


The Elizabethan era was tried and tested where maternity pulled in under the breast line and larger skirt areas for expansion during the pregnancy so the change in the clothes is very visible.

Eventually, the bodice was removed and a loose top replaced the tightness and uncomfortable clothing for the pregnancy so the accessories are very wide and vast that you need through the pregnancy and birth but also the style has changed as well very much over the generations.

Accessories can come in many different ways,

Baby Shower baskets

shower baskets for the new mum a gift or two to give mum a boost

Basket for baby as a gift after the birth

These are really important and very easy to keep up to date with as well.

The most accessory that a woman or any women would want is face cream and a little makeup this gives a new mum the boost that she needs after the birth tender loving care.

A new baby makes more things to do and keeping mummy busy

Things that new mum may have to do are

Changing nappies either terries or disposable

Creaming baby after a bath or wash

Washing the tiny clothes

Using breast pumps and washing sterilizing them keeping up on the cleansing of the breast pump.

Baby bottles and some of the bottles are mimicking the breast so the nipples are a slightly different shape and encourage baby to feed on them when the new mum is taking a break from a feed now and again.

Bottles and sterilizing equipment there a number of different ways and the most popular way would have been to have a sterile unit which years ago you would put a tablet and hot water into and then add the bottles after they had been washed in boiling water.

The equipment needed for bottle cleaning is a long handle bristle brush a bowl that you can clean the bottles separately with hot boiled water and place in the sterile pod this is where also a place where the teats, tops and the lids of the bottles also go.

This was one of the earlier products of baby bottles in1860 they soon progressed to a bottle that would be able to stand which over the years changed the shape completely of the baby feeding bottles as well.

Not only has the bottle changed but the teats as well they have anti-colic to help babies that get quite a bit of colic when feeding there are also teats with a slow flow and this is to prevent babies as well from again getting colic.


These are not the last change in baby bottles there are many more changes and i suspect many more to come.

When i had my children i breastfed them all so i did not have the colic or the bottle washes as my babies went straight from breast to feeding cup which was so easy, even though my three girls were not quite a year old i still gave them their first cup i think they were about eight months old.

The next bottles have also been around or the make has been in production for a long time.

I can remember buying Avent bottles for my Niece when she was born so over forty years ago.

The shape of Avent has not changed so much over the years it has been around the quality is also very good.

The complete pack comes with everything apart from the tablets but now they have a steam clean as well to sterilize bottles as well as this they have a microwave sterilizer as well.

So there are many ways to protect your baby by cleaning products properly.


Accessories are vast for mum and baby but looking for the right things to buy before baby arrives starts when mum finds out she is pregnant and the tummy starts to show and being pregnant you need clothes for comfort.

Choices of maternity wear are quite a wide range of trousers and tunic tops to dresses and dungarees that have comfort written all over them.

Babywear, when they leave the hospital, is a general baby blue, pink, lemon or white or a general white babygro a blanket and a baby car seat and away we go home to start a new life.

Big Huge Life and massive stepping stones to get over when you have a new baby from the start middle and the beginning bringing a baby into the world and caring for them all of their lives.

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  1. A very great and helpful post for the expecting mom and dad to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Thanks for breaking down this list of things which are needed.

    1. Hi Norman
      Thank you for your comment i like to work and find things out about what i am working on and know what i am talking about that is really important.
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