Here We Are Now



We may be in a terrible situation but there are some things we can smile about to take away the sadness and depression of what is going.

Who knows how long this virus and the riots are going to last and how many more lives are going to be taken from families.

The loss  of a life is not so good for families who cant say goodbyes and tell them not to worry we will see you real soon, the sadness and the absense is very hard for people who are or have lost a loved one.

At this time i know this is a place where i should be talking about happiness but in fact so much is going on i need to remind people that fighting and being nasty killing and bulling is the last thing that people need to hear or see.

There have been so many things happening over the last few months and so much mis-communication being mis-led is so painful goverment information is not correct and people don’t know who to believe which way to turn america and the UK are not so good at listening to information.

The virus was and still is so very serious it sure has made alot of people stop and look and listen but then you get the majority that think this virus is so serious when they will go out and sit in the parks and meet with their friends which was supposed to of been band.

Then to make matters worse the governments are telling the public to do one thing and they will do something totally different, so please tell me what makes the politicians any differet to jo public.



Right we are all thinking what comes next so there so many things we can fill our days with such as,

Family togetherness

Learning again to be patient

Time with people you only see a few hours a week

Teaching children how to play and school work

Having control of your own life

Learning how to take everything in the right way

Alot of people and friends that i have spoken to have stripped their homes inside out and the cleaning has continued, not just a normal spring clean but a thorough clean throughout their homes some friends have even gone to the extent of sitting on window sills and cleaning her windows ten floors up i mean wow what a strength she has.

No pubs open no gyms either but their are bikes and we all have legs as long as we are careful everything should be ok.

Then on return to see my friend in my hometown my daughter and myself thought it would be ok so we went down to the beach not sitting close to anyone but there were so many drugs and drinking going on and so many small children near these people all around no safe zones at all.

Police nowhere to be seen not sure where they had vanished to probably had the virus as well or been beaten up by these idiots.

This virus should be teaching people how to be sensible but it seems to making people actually go crazy

The best way as well is control of food and what is a better time to start a diet than now as you have all the food around you but the mind control is at its best now.

The other little things that are happening are the newborns that are arriving into the world, something so wonderful yet both parents should be in the delivery room but due to the virus nobody is allowed in the delivery or or even in the hospital so it is quite a tough time the new mums going in the hospital pending the new arrivals.

So there are so many lessons still to be learnt while we are in the danger period stop and think before  you make a quick move and become the next causulty take time and think whats next.

Help who you can while you have the time and actually help someone make sure the person or people you know are safe and secure checking on someone even if you dont know them makes a difference to that person and shows you care.

I work as a carer so i work a fare few hours so it does not hurt anyone to be kind


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