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Hi Mums and Dads so we have gone through having a baby and the general things.

But what really upsets us as mums and dads it could be a number of things.

  • Baby won’t sleep at night
  • Dad does not help
  • Mum gets up all the time through the night and she is exhausted
  • Once one baby wakes the whole house is awake
  • Baby does not feed properly and wakes through the night to feed
  • Baby still sleeps in the bed with parents
  • No me time that is really important

Some of these are just small things tiredness causes all sorts of things, not just a waking baby but mum could be tired from the birth and also have other young children who will not behave and maybe they crave the parent’s attention.

From the time you have a baby your life totally changes, but these changes are not just in the home but the birth itself has a big effect and time could make an even bigger one for the mum as she will very rarely talk to other people about the problems that she is having and how she is feeling.

Postnatal depression is so hard to detect also a lot of women just think that they are ok and they don’t understand what is going on and a lot of women are confused to say that least.

Some women think that they are not supposed to be mums or they are not good enough, that is not true most people or mums are never told how things work and if you need help to ask for it.

But in fact when a woman has a baby they leave the hospital and the only outside connection is the midwife for about a week and then everything is about the baby and how is he or she doing no one really asks about the new mum and how is she this is a really important part of life and what as people close should be able to see what is going on but not even the new mum can explain at the best of times how she feels.

So new baby arrives ok things seem to be ok so many people expect the new mum to just pick up and carry on some mums can do just that but some are having the feeling of deflation in their spirit so it is even harder because this is inside so again no one can see and when asked she will say everything is fine and sometimes this is because she may feel embarrassed if she tells people about it that she will be deemed incapable of looking after their own babies not so.

The effects can start when the baby is born but really the can be un-noticeable so this what they call the baby blues but this anxiety can become stronger over time and as baby blues generally only last  about two weeks this if this is any longer it is called postnatal depression and can cause such a rift inside your own body and mind.

  • Postnatal depression can start at any time and cause so many unsettled feelings
  • The constant feeling of sadness and low mood flow
  • Lack of interest in the things that are going on around
  • No energy the feeling of tiredness all the time
  • Having PND can delay the bond forming between mother and baby

There are a number of different ways that a new mum could be feeling anything to do with postnatal depression but this may not be noticeable at the time also in the first two weeks after the birth it is just called the baby blues.

The PND may click in slowly and be unnoticeable to anyone who is around the new mum also this may take a while to take a hold on the new mum she may think that she is inadequate to be a parent but that’s not true.

Treated correctly PND can be controlled and stopped helping the new mum to understand her feelings so it may take some time to contact the doctor or to speak to someone but once she does the help is there also she will start to feel better about herself and her feelings in general.

I started my eldest daughter with plain yogurt when she was about four months old she was a breastfed baby which I didn’t finish until she was about nine months old.

I introduced my eldest daughter to solids at four months because I was breastfeeding and she had started to get hungrier so I chose to start her on baby rice and plain yogurt she loved them so I then gave her a teaspoon of pureed food, not baby jar food but  had a reason for doing this that was because I know what has been put in the food and she was a healthy baby and enjoyed the food.

There are a lot of foods for your baby in jars and packet powder baby food, there are so many different makes as well so mums have a good choice to choose from this is a great idea if you don’t have time to max foods from your own food or you just prefer to make you haven’t got the time to make it so there are also plenty of shops that you can buy food from and there are restaurants that will heat baby foods and supply water for the powdered foods as well.

How many times a day do you feed your baby?

What do you feed your baby?

What does your baby like and dislike?

Where do you breastfeed when you are out, do you feel embarrassed or do you just get on with it as it is a natural form of feeding?

Potty training on each child and how they want to do things but most of the time.

What is the right age to start potty training it works in different ways all the time young babies or toddlers may just want to play with their new toy as they see it.

Then there are the benefits because now they have pull up pants to assist the toddler with understanding when they need to go to the toilet this helps to understand that they will be wet if they don’t use the potty and they will need changing.

Some parents start training their toddler quite young and this encourages the toddler to be dry rather than wet, some toddlers take just a little bit longer even up to two years old.

How old would you start potty training your toddler?

There are quite a few different ways of training.

The toddler’s toilet training seat to help the toddler understand they will not fall down the toilet.

Some people take away the nappies and put pants sometimes this actually works when the toddler has the warmth of a nappy taken away and a thinner material against their body they don’t like being cold and wet so they will ask more to go to the toilet.

I would love to hear your stories you can leave me a message below or contact me privately.

I would love other peoples feedback.



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