How to keep baby safe

Knowing what can Harm



It is really hard to pinpoint everything that can harm a baby or toddler so we have to look at what we think is dangerous and how we can also prevent things from happening.

Safety equipment also could cover pram and cot mattresses some labels that can come off of the products quite easily and baby could swallow as well.

The plastic that could still be on things that baby may pick up and play with a plastic bag a cover that is still on the product safety is a big issue to help the survival of the babies and toddlers.

These plastic items are toys to babies or toddlers they don’t see the danger to anything babies have challenges all the time they are put in front of them and it is so easy for a baby to get hold of something that they should not have.

Babies have a touch and put in the mouth situation and they do not understand that things are not good for them so it is not seen as a threat so we need to have the protection for the small toddlers and babies.

As babies get more adventurous they like to find things out and things work and taste so the first thing they do is put things or objects in their mouths they also like shapes and different colored things that attracted them like bright colors and also things that make interesting noises.


Dangerous Things


These wedged or flat mats are designed to keep the infant on his back during the sleep. It claims to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and colic diseases too. But no research supports these claims. On the contrary, sleep positioners increase the likelihood of suffocation. The CPSC states that 13 deaths reported over the past 13 years are related to sleep positioners,

There are so many things that are dangerous such as toys that are made incorrectly

Teddy bear eyes that are not met bt health and safety standard they should be a quality that is safe for baby and toddler use as they will put everything in their mouths.

Small playing building bricks this also they are also dangerous they can or could be toxic with the paint that has been used.

There are quite a few toys that can be dangerous to babies and young children the toys that are made without the trading standards act label of protection these toys can be fatal and obviously the first place a baby or toddler puts anything is straight in the mouth the toy or product may be too small or have a chemical on it to cause harm or the baby may even swallow the object.

Small things need to be out of the reach of children until they understand not to touch.

Safety equipment like safety gates are there to avoid major hazards with young babies toddlers and even keeping dogs or animals from the kitchen where there many more hazards such as hot water kettles pans gas chemicals.

Chemicals like washing powders bleach floor cleaners/ washing tablets dishwasher tablets.

All of the above should be kept in a safely locked cupboard so little hands cannot get to them there are different ways to keep the products secure and out of reach and not cause harm to other little ones.

Cupboards are also dangerous some open easily and then they shut so fast and trap hands or fingers which can cause a lot of damage to the joint of the hands and the muscles.

When children are small often their bones are very soft that they don’t break so easily so it is very good really to watch even the doorways lids and whatever looks like a danger zone to a parent.

Stair gates are there to stop and injuries, children have very big imagination they do not see the danger like a parent does.

Sometimes the stair gate does not prevent things from happening it may stall something but some children from a small age are very clever and can open very awkward gate tops but somehow they manage to do it.

Years ago a little boy was about two and a half years old got bored and somehow got out of his cot through the bottom then he tackled stair gate proceeding down the stairs he went to the kitchen and opened the cupboard and emptied the soap powder and washing up liquid everywhere, after his antics he then climbed on a very high shelf and switched off the fridge and freezer.

Another thing to be wary of is when children climb up shelves to get things that have been put out of reach in this case a birthday cake this little boy could get up the shelves but could not get down he was caught red-handed eating a birthday cake so the method and reason for safety to have eyes in the back of head.

The next safety issues are the harnesses either on the strollers or the one that you walk your children.

You have to make sure that the harness is secure when you put  are traveling in they are totally safe and parent do not have to worry about the safety so much, however there are the parents that will moan and never fasten their baby into the stroller then they moan about when they fall out of the stroller you do get parents that will do exactly that they seem to think baby is safe.

In the supermarket a mother had a pram with her toddler on the top in a pram seat and a newborn in the pram walking down the aisle of the supermarket was a man with a child stood up when he banged into the back of the ladies pram and scream at the lady but it was his fault as he did not look at the handle where it explains that children or babies should not be stood up.

I hope that this is not too boring but enough information


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