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Tactics and How to Promote

Using the right time to promote the website and the post from my website making sure that it is being promoted and not standing still with no attention keeping the right format regarding the content and being polite on how the post are based on the websites such as facebook, twitter, google+ and Pinterest promote the page and advertise it answer questions about it when asked.

Don’t go and sit on facebook check the site but don’t sit and expect miracles it may not work straight away if the post is not attractive people may not be drawn to them to make the posts something that gets peoples attention giving them something to look at and read.

The social media pages like Pinterest these may get a little promotion from the post that is out there but they will have to be a knock out to get attention people to want to be drawn to the pictures the story and the attraction of the post or page.

Staying on any social media and using it for the wrong reasons can lose the chance to faster growth of your post and website the wrong movement or lack of correct advertisement could really push your work in the wrong direction and slow the hard work that you have been doing.

Use social media such as facebook to post either using social media so that you can promote not push the tags, post or even pages.

I started using facebook with my friend we opened a counseling group that was a closed group we had quite a lot of clients so i know how to attract clients but this i need to work a little harder for it is a good challenge for me.

Using other social media such as twitter you can put the post on to twitter and pray that someone will tweet it and follow it is a chance to promote and advertise your post or page you can leave a message with your post requesting someone takes a look and maybe leave a comment you can also follow them as well each time you see them online, or you are checking your post on twitter check to see who has liked and commented.

Google+ is one of the best sites as it is one of the biggest as well and quite alot of people breeze through the site and alot of posts will get seen this is a great site to post but also it is an international website so alot of different posts will be on google+ not just yours it may take a few times of posting to get any attention you can see where the post get acknowledged by looking back on your website or you will get confirmation in an email so that you can view who has looked and view the comment as well.

Sometimes when adding a new post or topic it may be better just to share if there has not been so much traffic through the google+ it is good to check and just to be sure and see if you have had any interest in your posts maybe add a welcome to your posts to give people a reason to check the work out that you have been doing and make it worthwhile maybe get more awareness of the post if there is something interesting that catches the eye people look and take notice.

Google is one of the biggest and most well known international internets and systems for promoting and selling products or for people to just look and add their own post to advertise maybe animals or holidays or trekking holidays there are a lot of reasons why people use google so it is a great place to promote what you require to be promoted and just check on it then if it doesn’t work just share it to google+ and then just check it and see who has viewed your post and hope for some comments.


Using twitter maybe an easy option and you can share and make a way to share other peoples posts as well this will enhance the chances of your post being shared or at least it should do posting to twitter can be beneficial if you do follow other peoples post and leaving a comment and how they are doing how good their posts are following the people will make things a lot easier as well.

While using twitter it is a good idea to check quite a bit but this does not mean that you sit on the site  all the time the game is to promote your products so it is something that needs to be worked on at the same time as making new pages may be for new products but understanding that you may just need to share if there is not a lot of traffic at the time.

Pinterest is a good idea you can get feedback and see what is happening there are also a lot of different posts already especially if you already have an account with pinterest which may help the products as well there are other sites that will or maybe come up to be viewed and they may have some interesting products on them try to stay with the same link as it can be confusing but again this is a good idea to just share at times as well to pinterest  maybe sometimes share the link or the post whichever you think will work better.

With social networking it is important to watch where you are posting and keep watching the traffic that is going on at the time of your posts going live and also to be aware of  what is good and what sales and what doesn’t keeping up with the idea of checking and looking at the comments that already have been written on the products and if you have made any sales or any questions have been asked and try to reply as soon as possible.


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