I Set Myself A Challenge


So  I worked for my friend with her dad and it was coming close to his birthday and he never had anything done for him apart from my wonderful friend would pick up and do anything for her dad he was so funny at the Grand age of ninety-two years old and the cheek of a monkey, there were about thirty-five people in the lounge so almost everything was eaten.

Not only was it his birthday it was the Iranian new year so  I had decided to cook for both it was always a celebration and a big one so i chose to do something for the Arminian Iranian’s as a surprise no one knew even after two years that i could cook so i decided that i would treat every one.

I was planning for a couple of weeks beforehand making sure that i had everything that i needed and that i was not working i had also asked the manager of the home to make sure that it was ok for me to do this for everyone.

What really puzzled me was the fact that this place where my friend’s dad was living was unaware that it was the Iranian new year and it was the only thing that did not get celebrated i felt so bad for my friends dad that not only was it the new year but his birthday and not one person thought of him in this home, it was literally his daughter my friend and her husband This took a long time to think and prepare i absolutely loved putting everything together.

I made Persian rice biscuits they are made of rice flour and oil and very hard to make you have to be very careful they beak so easily.

The next thing i made was a savory which is called kookoo sabzi this has a lot of spinach, onions, dill, turmeric, garlic salt, and pepper and about six eggs in as well, this gets cooked in the oven for quite a while it is almost like an omelet but quite deep and loads of flavor.

I made about sixty cakes a mixture salted caramel which i made myself, then i made lemon drizzle cakes i left about six cakes at home the rest i took with me to the celebrations.

I put together quite a lot of salads and brought some pickled vegetables also brought some Barbery bread which is Persian it is quite thick bread.

I also mixed different yogurt as well one with garlic and spinach a little black pepper then i also made yogurt which has mint and grated cucumber in with a pinch of salt in.

When i got to work and made his breakfast cleaned his flat then took the case that contained all the food which had taken me almost two days to prepare down to the main lounge i laid the tables out and then put all the plates and the sweets.

I started cooking all the food on Saturday at two pm and went to bed at four am i then got up at eight am on a Sunday to make the rest of the food i then placed everything in the containers and placed everything in a case that i had ready to pack everything.

This also included the paper plates and plastic knife and fork for people to eat with.

When I brought my friend’s dad downstairs he couldn’t believe what I had done for him he asked why I told him that it was for his birthday this was the first day he met my other half and he loved him I think because he spoke in Persian to him.

All of this I loved doing but every time I finish something I look for something else to do so I looked for yet another challenge and continued to study really great thoroughly enjoyed but this time I took on three courses which included entry into law which I did pass.

I have yet to finish my assessor training which I need to complete but want to train through a company that proves to be quite hard to find but I will, I am happy with where I am right now.

Before I started doing any of my challenges I was working and running away from a lot of things one of those things was the fear inside me caused from an ex some things you can walk away from but not this it made me so scared.

When I left the family home I didn’t know where to start so I went to live with my parents but hoping that this would not be for very long which it wasn’t we moved in a flat probably about five weeks after leaving.


After so much fear I decided it was time for me and I was going to get myself off of the floor and get my life back and no matter what I was not going to be hurt by anyone and definitely would be sussing my so-called friends out there was not one person at that time that I felt I could trust.

So first and foremost I had to build my confidence that’s where the studying that has done came in.

I moved from where I lived and changed my life completely not sure some of the things I did were so great but hey I learned a valuable lesson and never judge a book by the cover you do not know what is around the corner and it is easier to be ni e to people or just not talk at all, you sure learn who your friends and family are and who will be there even with distance between you.

By this time I had completely moved away and was living in some crummy flat which was not a great choice but I made mine and started working with a Company which was the second part of my studying I completed my NVQ 3 I health and social care and passed in under a  year which was great a little more confidence made me a proud person, in 2012 I met my now partner and continued to study and went back to school or college and learned to read and write in Persian, I was working with a private client at the time so I could do pretty much anything but working long hours and it was only a short time after  losing my mum so my partner told me to stop working I needed some me time.

My next step was bigger i stepped into yet another course i really wanted to prove to that i could do things after being a mum to four children who have grown now and i needed my own space and my own identity so my way was working and studying and also to help other people when I had time.

Also by this i had lost both my parents and never thought in a month of Sundays that i would be able to achieve what i was doing i loved the studying so I just kept going i think now because i have been in one area of care i am ready to use my other qualification which is a psychologist i would of never ever thought i would be good enough who knows what you will end up becoming in life.

So the moral of the story is because if i can do this anyone can do it even if it means getting a little help from people that maybe have the knowledge of the course or help that you need, or you are quite welcome to contact me on my message facebook or email.


Sorry, i may have bored you with too much.







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