Ideas and Plans

I would like to start with what my aim is first and foremost, i would like to do this website and really work to help other people as well as expecting mums and dads.

Offside i would like to put baby baskets together and a basket for new mums as either their gift from someone or at their request.

I have posted my ideas before in another post but it was one of my very first pieces of work i still would love to do this use my skills in another area and help reduce the workload for new expecting mums helping them choose their new prams or suggesting which is good quality.

Packing gift baskets together and letting the client pick what they wish to have in them,

Beautiful Thinking and Sweet Dreams
Thought this was a nice picture for the new arrival



They may be expecting a boy maybe they would like a lemon-colored blanket other than blue it is those special touches that people really need a bit of personal touch to bring their new addition into the world.

Mums and family make the choices for the gift they wish to have i love designing and putting things together and when it is such a personal gift it has to be just right.

Always adding a list of what you need or would like in the basket and what colors are very important, Always thinking of what the baby or mum would like in the basket or what are their preferences and what requests have they got.

Listing ideas

Body wash

Nappy bag

A small pack of disposable nappies

Baby powder

Baby wipes

A natural colored blanket

A small teddy of choice

Mummy Basket

Sanitary wear

A small box of delights

A mug for the new mum maybe with a tea bag

Face wipes

Face cream

Woolly socks

Nice smellies

These are just a few ideas even though i have written some of the ideas on my other post.




Also, i wish to start using my other skills which is psychology and help people through problems that they may have or maybe new mum has (PND ) postnatal depression this can make life so very hard for a new mum if she does not understand what is going on.

So many people sit and don’t understand what is really happening apart from maybe they are feeling just a little tired or unhappy and this feeling can come and go for a while but it may increase so the new mum or anyone would need a little extra help this is nothing to be embarrassed about it is something that can be triggered at any point this feeling can be called (PND) or postnatal depression which is nasty and can do a lot of confusion when someone has just had a new baby,

Postnatal depression can be a slow and long road if it is not recognized can linger and do quite a bit of harm.

Depression in itself can really make a new mum feel so bad, there can be a feeling of not connecting with the baby and maybe there also not feeling loved these are very visible emotions that a new mum may well be going through and again may not be so visible to other people straight away  there is treatment or help through the doctor and through counselors.

I qualified as a psychologist and i did this because i have seen so many people abused and others that have taken to drink through stress and i remember seeing one advert about one young girl being groomed i want to help the girls through this i know this may take me a little while to get started but i have plenty to help me and keep me busy.

Depression can stay hidden very easily and people or friends can actually deny that they have depression also the person could well be scared to admit that there is something wrong or they are scared to find out what is actually happening.

My third passion is something i have not spoken about and quite a few of my friends have told me to something about this and that is cook professionally as i love cooking Persian food and as they say the food is the way to someone’s heart through their stomachs.

So i love cooking and i really wanted to start a kitchen and help other people that don’t have the funds to cook or to have a well-cooked meal to involve a number of people and teach them how to survive and have.

Helping people to understand how to cook different foods and survive on little money there are many places to buy food now that is not that expensive so there are chances out there to make sure that people that have very little to spend actually get a good diet which is so important to stay healthy and happy.

Nutrition is very important to keep you healthy and help you progress through the day and gives you a good start.

No one needs a million dollars to have a good meal or a million to help someone just stop giving money to people sitting on the street as you don’t know what they do with the money buy a loaf of bread, some fruit a cup of hot tea these sort of things help keep a person on the street going and help keep them warm.

Families often now cannot afford a big shop maybe something has happened loss of a job or maybe a loss of a family member who knows what happens to make a person beg or a penniless person so it is good to help someone without malice be it a family in a home that doesn’t have  so much or someone that has no home to live in.

It is so important to remember that we are not alone and we need to think about others other than ourselves.

Have a heart and give a little to those who need it.


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  1. My wife niece just had a baby a few days ago and this baby is such a bundle of joy. It is just so amazing the joy that babies bring. Thanks so much for your continual work on making it a lot easier on moms and dads who may be expecting or who may have just had their baby.

    1. Thank you so much Norman you write such nice words i enjoy doing the posts and the comments that you leave are so nice to read.
      Thank you so much.

  2. You have provided a lot of valuable information for new parents. I have some friends who are currently expecting their second child. Your info will provided some helpful insights to them. Thanks and all the best.

    1. Thank you for your comment Joseph i really enjoy working on my website it helps me through my day as well.

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