Learning, Patience, Observations.


Learning is great we do it every day of our lives, so carrying on as we older learning new things to guide our lives is very important.

When i joined wealthy affiliate i had been trying to join something to get knowledge and start my own website but i was not sure quite how to do it.

The story begins where i applied to join a site which says that everything is free well the reading may of been free but nothing else was it was extremely expensive all the courses that they offered were in their thousands of dollars but they don’t tell you that they encourage you to carry on and train or listen to their video’s, however, i did not finish it as i had seen an advert for wealthy affiliate which gave me the push that i needed to get my foot out of my butt.

Wealthy Affiliate is really good i joined in January 2019 and yes there is a lot of training to do but it is really good as it helps you all the way through and you are continually learning and writing things down.


When you join wealthy affiliate you get a welcome email to encourage you to continue the building of your site they will help you through the problems that you come across there are so many opportunities to learn from and a lot of areas to search and video lessons as well.

You can join free and then you get two free websites also you can get a free website starter, of course, you can upgrade to a premium package which is not so expensive and great to receive, you do have seven days to decide as  the package is just over half  reduced to help for the first month which is about $19 dollars and roughly about £14 pound.

In the premium package, there is so much to learn and do.

I started my training with the affiliate Bootcamp which was good and very strange doing something i was not used to dong but this has taught me so much how to put things together and what and how to use the keyword and site ranking which is really important as the right word in the right place will make your site positive and angled correctly.

The start of training is a five-part course which does start very easily but is the online entrepreneur there is roughly 50 segments t this and this will take you through the hardest part and guide in the right direction and helps you set up your new pages, posts, and website this is quite easy once you know how to do  it.

WA helps you through everything there is also a very big community on WA that will answer any questions that you have not everything is straight forward so always be prepared to get stuck in some way or another but you will not be on your own.

Building a website is not a quick cash maker you really have to be patient you need to take a step at a time it will work eventually time makes things seem so slow but you will see the benefits of everything.

Building a website is not a quick job if you want a quick pound or two then stay in your job and keep your web page going until it starts taking in the cash flow that you are looking for, this may take some time for increasing.


So now there is a little more confidence inside trying new things loading and working on your website by now you will have your own niche and your very own name on it.

Your new website will eventually be ranked by google/you can view how much work your website or page is doing by your google adsense which you will also be shown how to attach to your site, another part of ranking and viewing what is actually going on is google analytics it shows the movement of your pages and how they are working what pages have been viewed also how many times.

You can also view your work when you have attached your website to Bing and Yahoo you will be able to see the results by checking the ranking on your jaaxy rankings page as well as looking at bing webmaster tools.

The other part of building your own site is that along with the membership will have WordPress which will help you with all of your pages and adding links you can make everything visible.

As well as the WordPress you can add the links for facebook, twitter, Pinterest and the other sites that you wish to add your website and promote it in these places which will help to be seen.

With WA you will have plenty of choices and you can choose many ideas to add to your site.

There are still many training rooms to view and areas that you can train from like the Bootcamp which i am currently half way through i can’t lie this i have found easier because i completed the first training so even though i could of finished this a lot quicker i have taken my time as well as working i have been busy with a new arrival in my family so i have not been doing so much as i should of been doing.

If i can do this anyone can achieve it.

The things that may happen is you may look for a website builder like i did or you may see an attachment link to a page like mine when you click the link you will be taken to a signup page and you will also be contacted by one of the affiliate members will contact you and guide you through the joining process.

I could say to you that you would be rich tomorrow but it would be one big lie its hard work and you have to really be patient and work at what you want it really literally keeps going pushing yourself if you really want enough you will get it don’t give up.

If you are like any normal person who does not trust these sites, believe me, i have checked and checked again WA  is one of the best sites that i have ever come across and i am so glad that i ever joined i have made so many nice friends and member of the wealthy family that will help no matter what even the most stupid questions.

I was one of those skeptic people that got scammed and i just managed to get out before i sent any money, I know how people doubt website offering to train and help people build their own websites, well no more panicking as WA is a great company to go through and the great help each of their  associates they will take them through the training and building of their own websites and the best thing is you never stop learning there is always something going on new training.

There is always new attachments to look at on WA so it is never boring.

Don’t hesitate to start if that is what you want to do and you are sure go for it otherwise you will regret it.

I have attached the WA link for you to take a look at  https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/order/signup?a_aid=4dc81173


Please leave me a message if you are interested.




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  1. Ruth says:

    This article is very helpful. Wealthy affiliate is an amazing platform. If you want to learn how to write a successful blog wealthy affiliate training is the answer to your prayers. I highly recommend this program as well. great job on this article. This article tells it well on how it is to join wealthy affiliate.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much, Ruth

      well said and how i feel as well Thank you again it didn’t take long to write this as it is how i feel.


  2. Claudia says:

    You said it bring your patience and learn is the right words to say. There is no better place then wealthy affiliate for any body that is trying to learn how to make income and also for the ones that already know as well. There is so many things that will help you grow on Wealthy Affiliate, mental, heart, and creative. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for your post.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Claudia

      Thank you so much for your comment i truly believe that you only achieve by perseverance and strength it may take a year but so be it and i will be that person who will still be doing this in a year, and it does come from the heart and deep down as well. 

  3. Andres Agudelo says:

    This was a great article. I understand now that WA can encourage you to make your dreams come true. This is a good review of the site and how it works. I like the way you explain the things you can find on the page and how you can learn many things if you work hard.

    I would like to know if you have made any money so far with WA?

    Thanks for the post. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Andres

      Thank you for your comment

      It will take time to earn i have started earning where people click the site but it is small amounts it  does take time but i actually enjoy writing now, as i explained it takes a while before you begin to earn and you have to be patient and follow the training.


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