Life, Before,During and After Pregnancy

Life Before Family Begin’s


Life is within us but it takes a relationship to start and that may take some years also finding the right partner at the same time knowing you have found that one person for the rest of your life or what should be the rest of your life.

Some people never find that one  that they will be with, young love is very much investigation into what we hold and how we deal with our early adulthood how we approach the life we wanr and how they work together with anyone is what will make their future for their own families how things change from being so independent to be being relied upon.

In teen years all you want to become is a mum it all seems so easy when a young girl sees someone with a young baby and how cute they actually are, but it is the responsibility that the youngsters are unaware of and how much these babies really cost.

So finding a good responsible relationship is very important to be working and had a little bit of life before settling down and starting a family this is important as being a parent is a very big responsibility for both mum and dad the younger they are the harder it actually is so that is when alot of problems start with is not understanding from being single and then starting a family.

Some women carry on and don’t want children until they are in their thirties or even into their forties so they would of had their working life and be totally ready for mother hood but really nothing prepares you for a baby or babies.

Women sometimes enjoy being at home with family before even getting married but then alot of women nowadays enjoy being more independent relying on no one so they have no one to answer to at the end.


Life During Pregnancy.


So a woman or girl can become pregnant as soon as she begins her menstrual cycle and in some countries that can be very young as twelve years old but this can do a lot of damage to the young girl.

I countries like Yemen some girls are married off and started their own families by the age of fourteen and some end really badly in the death of the bride because she is not ready to have children her body cannot take the shock of the birth or because they may live far from help that the women don’t make it.

Pregnancy is not a joke at any age you are bringing a new life into the world and that is what you are responsible for from the time you find out that you are pregnant.

So the pregnancy test is the first thing you get to find out whether you are expecting the baby and when it’s due this is the time when the date is and when the first scam]n date is.

The first few weeks are not much different than any normal weeks but after about forth week or so the body starts to react tummy tightens and maybe morning sickness, the first appointment will be a general checkup with the doctor.

From there you will be given alternate appointments between the hospital and the midwife, first blood tests urin test so on and so forth there are quite a few things that happen in the first few meetings with the doctor and the midwife.

The first scan is usually around the twelfth week or the third month of pregnancy this will check on everything to see if there is more than one baby this is a good time to see just how small the fetus really is and then as the months pass at the next scan is so much more visible arms, legs, fingers the shape of the face and the length can be seen they can also tell more about how far  you are pregnant and if you haven’t already got a delivery date you should be able to get that now.

Time goes by quite quickly but also feel so slowly as the pregnancy progresses and by now mummy should be feeling quite a lot of movement so she really knows there is a little bundle inside of her ready to change her whole life something so wonderful and that feeling of the movement deep inside then after the twentieth week the movements may be visible to see not just feel a lot of women also towards the end of their pregnancy where there is hardly any space left and baby has been kicking they have bruises where the space has been quite restricted.

Labour is very different in many women where a lot of deliveries are as normal as can be expected, however delivery can be very different

Water birth

Home birth

some women prefer to lay down and have the average birth some women walk around to ease the pain, there are massive balls that help women by sitting on them to rock side to side this releases some of the pain and can encourage the engagement of babies head.

Water births are very well liked and very good the birth seems to go a lot quicker when new mums are in the pool its very calming and it’s a very relaxing atmosphere for the labor to continue.

There are the C sections which are so not nice and really should only be used in an emergency but some people do have them even though they have nothing else wrong it could be down to nerves as well after having a C section it is a six-week relaxation period where the mum is not allowed to do absolutely anything.

By the time the expectant parent arrives in the hospital, she should have everything prepared at home for the new arrival you never know when this new bundle will decide to come into the world so always be ready for the unexpected.


After The Birth Baby Makes Three


So now you have gone full cycle from being an individual single and working and now you have a totally different life you have become responsible for this new life that you have brought into the world.

Baby makes the world go round and keeps you busy twenty-four seven never expect nothing life does not work like that be ready for new things every day look out for things that you would never think of.

Being a parent is a full-time job on its own but it is a wonderful time when you love these small additions to your life even with the work that has to be done this is how life expands and how we make it grow by time.

Never lose the time you have with the baby as it goes by far to quick and it is so scary one minute they are babies then they are at nursery school then they are at school and again the cycle begins we just have to love one and other.

From a single person to a parent it goes by.

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6 thoughts on “Life, Before,During and After Pregnancy

  1. Holly Reply

    Pregnancy is an amazing, yet difficult experience. A blessing nonetheless. I agree with you that nothing really prepares you for motherhood. You go through a transformation with your first baby and almost become a new person. That scares some people, and others embrace it. It doesn’t mean you have no ties to your “old self”, it just means you opened up a door to a new part of you that you didn’t know existed. It’s a big transition.

    I know when I was a teen I liked the idea of being a mom one day. I definitely romanticized motherhood, though…I am sure I thought it would be sunshine and roses all the time. While it is one of the best things in the world, it’s definitely something that should be treated seriously.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Holly 

      Thank you for your comments i know where you are coming from i know i would look at my niece as she was so tiny yet so pretty and think i wish i had one now but i am glad i was older and see as i have got olde why we wait as well but i love babies.

      Thank you Tracey

  2. Seyi Reply

    Hello, so I’m dropping my opinion about your article, life Before During and after pregnancy here even though I’m not a female and I obviously have not experienced pregnancy before but I would like to State here that it is not only the life of the woman that changes, that of the man also changes. It’s a co responsibility and they both help each other through it. The joy a baby brings is so unexplainable and it helps the man be a better person and give both the mother and child all the love and support they need. 

    • admin Reply

      Hi Seyi

      Thankyou so much for your comment yes it is so important to have a partner that will take some responsibility and help with a new life its fun as well as beautiful.


  3. Marshall Reply

    A detailed guide on before and after pregnancy. Knowing what to expect once pregnant is very important and this guide explains everything in detail. Also great for the opposite sex to know how to manage the situation and also your partner during these periods.

    most relationship are mismanaged after child birth due to lack of orientation and expectations. But this guide helps a long way in helping.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Marshall 

      Thank you for your comments it is good to know how to take on board about your partner and their feelings at the same time as knowing about a future with a baby on board.


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