Maternity Fashion Wear

From the beginning

So at the beginning when you find out you are pregnant you can wear normal everyday clothes and it depends on how fast your tummy grows or if you get big at all.

At the beginning, all new mums are excited to find and buy things such as maternity clothes and baby wear its an amazing time for every new parent but most of all for the expectant mum to be.

some people don’t get very big at all some women don’t show so don’t need any different expandable clothes at all.

So there are many different types of maternity clothes from dungarees, dresses, bras and underwear as well there is a very wide variety of maternity wear and really pretty dresses to dungarees jeans and tops it is whatever you feel comfortable in after all your body is changing at this time and support is essential.

A very important part of maternity wear is the bra because you can buy these to last if you are going to nurse your baby after birth, some of the bras have the nursing clip so that mum can feed the baby where ever they are there are muslin clothes to cover the baby if mum is feeding baby outside and she is a bit wary of people and their comments or stares.

Comfort while being pregnant is important so you can sit down and go to work do housework the everyday general things so wearing the right clothes is so much easier for the expanding tummy.

There are different types of nursing bras some have support but not so much, there are nursing bras that have a side drop for nursing baby there is the bra with the clip at the top of the strap so it can be released and baby can feed easier.

There are also bras like t-shirt bras that the front of the bra comes forward for feeding this is a softer material no clips to release.

The dresses sometimes would have easy access for feeding the hole would be like a pleat in the dress or top so that no one could see anything.

There is one thing a lot of parents or mums to be don’t really talk about and that is maternity knickers they are not the most glamorous but there are advantages such as support for the back as well.