Mummies Baby Shower

The Ideas for Gifts


So Mum to be is near to the end and planning a baby shower so there are quite a few things that she could get or maybe she has requested there are many things that could be brought as gifts and it could be the big things such as the cots, changing bags, cream baskets, baby body washes, picture frames.

Some of the gifts could be a bouncing chair or a basket for the baby filled with creams and cotton wool these baskets can also be filled with different gifts such as chocolates for mummy maybe cups and body washes as well a special sponge there are loads of things that can go in either mother or baby baskets as said before they can be filled with things that will make mum happy and make things easier for mum with baby.

At this baby shower, there will also be loads of goodies like cakes and savories for everyone to enjoy.

The other gift that may be really good is good baby towels with the hoods a few good towels means that mum hasn’t got to worry  about buying so much bulk and if they are good quality they will last a lot longer so you can also get a lot of use from good quality products this is better to buy for baby as you will be using the towels a lot in the first few months as the baby grows.

There are still different types and different shapes of towels on the market which i am looking for to put the best up on my post

The best place to buy from is

Crystal Baby Smile Extra Large Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel for Newborn Baby, Infant or Toddler - Ultra Soft and Highly Absorbent - Perfect Baby Shower Gift Idea - Unisex White Color for Boys or Girls


There are more towels and wraps which i will link as well for my site and people to view.

Baby wipes or flannels are a necessity while bathing baby and cleaning up they are what mum really needs so it is easy just to pick them up and keep them handy at all times.


Baby Washcloths 9 Pack, 100% Organic Bamboo Baby Bath Washcloth Face Towels, Soft Hypoallergenic Absorbent 10"X10" Newborn Towel Set for Boys & Girls Great Baby Shower Gift | Baby Travel Bathing Kit

Multipack of baby flannels so you don’t run out if you use more than one you can use another then wash them for hygiene

and they  are not being wasted but if you are going out then multipacks of disposable throw away wipes are good safes a lot of time and energy as well.

the cheapest place to buy is

Baby Changing Mats


This is a really important part you need when you have a tiny baby to consider as they may well make a mess and it is easier to keep in one place on the changing mat not on the floor.

There are many different changing mats and changing equipment with storage as well, there are changing bags that also have the mats for changing the baby as well there are quite a few different changing mats that are out at the moment and some reasonable priced as well.

The best place to but is

Deluxe Unisex Baby Waterproof Changing Mat with Raised Edges - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do you know how loved you are? Bold Grey

For mum that is going out and needs storage  for the baby things and needs something that will take just about everything there are quite a lot of different sizes and different styles of baby bags they have all different colors as well as storage for bottles and changing mats contained in the bag this saves mum worrying about how they will change the baby.

best place to buy

Baby Changing Bag,Rucksack Changing Bag,Baby Bag,Nappy Bag, Multi-Function,Waterproof,Large Diaper Bag Backpack with Insulated Pocket for Mum&Dad,Grey



Some of the things Mum and Dad may need.

There are a lot of things that people could buy for a baby shower

Bottles and sterilising equipment all the brushes for the bottles

Baby Grows

Vests for baby

Booties and mittens

Baby monitors when mum or dad are not in the room

Cotton Buds and Cotton wool

Baby Bath and Baby shampoo

Baby cream Baby powder

So there are some bigger equipment that parents may need like a car seat

Cot mattress cot sheets

A rocking chair

A baby soother

Baby rocker to relax the baby

A pillow to help mum when she is feeding the baby to support her arms also there is a pillow to support the baby when on mums lap takes a little of the ache away from mums arms and back there are quite a few different types of pillows for support.

There are nappies as well the first few months are very expensive for the new parents s these are a nice gesture as part of a gift for the new parents.


For the baby shower get games together make a list to have fun.

balloons for color

photo frames to remember those first moments after the birth get the hand and footprints put in the frame what lovely memories to have.

Blankets and sheets are in the pack as well

For mum a memory book to add those moments and early photos

Special time pamper set for mum/ called me time

Mum's 'ME TIME' Pamper Box, A Beautiful Silver Embossed Box containing a 9 Piece Luxury Pampering Set- a Wonderfully Thoughtful Gift for Mum or Mum-to-be.

best place to buy is


Another idea for the gifts for mum and baby is another pamper basket slightly different than the other there are different baskets.


Pamper New Mum & Baby Gift Basket, Newborn Baby Hamper, Baby Shower Ideas, Christening Gifts, Maternity Presents


Another idea to keep memories for after you have your baby is to have a belly moulding done it would be good fun as well as fabulous memories to keep reminding of where you tiny little bundle was before what great feeling to look back and see this and look in the crib and the beautiful bundle laying there sleeping peacefully.


A gift for the new baby could be a gift basket


Mr Giraffe Large Baby Hamper Basket Unisex Neutral Baby Shower Nappy Cake Hampers Newborn Gift Set Boys Girls Arrival Mums Gifts Sets 1st Babys Ideas Jungle Maternity Leave Presents UK Fast Dispatch

New baby gift basket for  boys or girls

You can buy this at the best price at

These are some of the gifts that anyone would love even small gifts to help new parents with the forthcoming birth of the baby and to have help with the tiniest gifts is the nicest surprise and a pamper gift for mum would be amazing these are the things that would put a smile on any soon to be new parents face a foot massage wow what an idea to think of and the loviest treat for anyone.

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6 thoughts on “Mummies Baby Shower

  1. Amanda Blaine Reply

    This is a great resource and ideas of what to get Mom and Baby for the baby shower. I really like the idea of baskets because you can put a mix of gifts for both.

    • Tracey Spinney Post authorReply

      This is something i have looked in to making myself as well i like a challenge and enjoy finding something that other people will like themselves
      Thankyou for the comment.

  2. Adamuts Reply

    Thanks for such a brilliant post, this is clearly is a motivational post.I read Alot of things to consider in arranging a basket for baby shower. A baby shower basket should contain things like cake, chocolate, towels for the baby, cotton wool,baby chair, baby mat and shampoo and some other things as well. This could brings joy to the face of the mother.This is a great review and I will stay around your blog ,place an order things  and read such an other post like regards

    • admin Reply

      Hi Thankyou for such a great comment the cakes I have thought of and chocolates as a treat for mum when she has had baby.

      I have loads of ideas it’s putting them in place and getting it running as well I have been reading quite a lot to get more ideas .

      Thank you once again

  3. Olalekan Reply

    What a wonderful review on mummies baby shower. It is a lovely atmosphere when the baby shower is on the way. I attended my cousin’s last baby shower and it was awesome. Baby mat, towel, sweets and chocolates were all packaged into a baby basket. It’s good to be prepared to experience the joy of motherhood. I like your article 

    • admin Reply

      Hi thank you very much for the lovely comment.

      I have looked into a lot of things to do and putting the baby shower together i am really enjoying searching and finding new gift ideas and maybe different designs.

      Thank you very much for the lovely comment  again 

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