My Review Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate My Review

I have been working at a pace creating a website through Wealthy Affiliate.

They have a very good training aspect and so much help with the training if anyone gets stuck with anything.

The introduction when joining wealthy affiliate is very good it is like a family and you get shown how the website works.

There are two different types of training there is a boot camp which is ten stages and there is a training group with five stages which i found very different from what i have done in the past.

There is also live training but it is late at night and i would love to watch it but here it is at about 1 am and i can almost guarantee that i have fallen asleep by then but i really intend to watch the recorded version so that someday i can catch up and enjoy.

As everything this took a little time to get used to doing but once started it was really interesting and became more and more part of what i want to be i have tried to do some every day to complete the training.

What does interest me is the fact that there are live classes at night as it is held in the states it is about 1 am here so sometimes very late for me when i have been working but i do intend to do it in the near future.

On wealthy affiliate, there are so many links to build from and search buttons that will help with information to guide anyone through the course and build their own website up.

Through the course i have had a really good time and built my confidence as well i have wanted to do something like a website for a while now but the best thing was being introduced to WA.

Once becoming a premium member you can use all the facilities that are on the website and still get the help that you need,

live chat, you have the help center, messaging, there is the blogging, create a page and many other things that you can do using the WA site.

There are choices for instance if you prefer not to become a premium member that is fine but you won’t have the advantages that the premium members do and that is quite a lot from the joining membership, you can view so much more and do so much more when you become a premium member.

There is plenty of information about the website and loads of help when you need there is a live chat forum to ask questions, there are plenty of members to give assistance when you need it, basically there is help for almost everything even help to take you through the joining when you think that it is the end, mind you the set up s so easy to link everything together.

So you go from site rubix to your own website name and how to change the name and link Adsense also analytics to trace your post and follow when the post gets indexed

I personally think when the two owners started up the website it was the best thing they could of done they have helped so many people to work forward for the future and give the people chances that they have actually can be given.

The only thing i find a little awkward is that sometimes when listening to the video’s the sound is so quiet and it makes it so hard to hear what is being said.

I have no problems with any of the training it has been so good and very helpful to learn different things also with plenty of help from the team of the WA family when you need it.

When joining a website the first thing you do is check to see if they are for real which is what i did but i have read so many good reviews which gave a very positive view, i was very intrigued about this wealthy affiliate and how it worked what and how it puts things together what intrigued me more is how long ago the two friends Kyle and Carson put the company together.

The Downside Is Never Think

Ok so don’t think that building a website is going to get you a quick investment you have to work hard and push yourself so that you see your achievements slowly build and slowly you will see the benefits and see your sales.

Never think that the new site that you are building will bring in the money straight away it won’t be patient and it will work eventually and start building your own cash flow and you can see the rewards as well, so don’t be impatient it will work.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Is a great company to join and make something if you are willing to wait and have plenty of patience.

It takes time and effort to achieve something worthwhile but that doesn’t mean you can sit down and not do anything your website needs to be updated and new posts or pages added to be able to take things further don’t sit down and think it will build itself it won’t.

The idea is you listen and learn from Kyle and Carson it is a very good idea to follow the set up that they have put together for everyone to follow throughout their training if you follow correctly it will work ok.

The upside of wealthy affiliate is you can learn a great amount with listening and achieve even greater

Wealth affiliate will take you through all of the training and you will be ranked as well as soon as you start the training you will start to have a network of friends as well as that you have a button like a pencil which takes you through to where you can write a new post, blogs, build a site and create Training.

There is such a big positive to wealthy affiliate i have thoroughly enjoyed training and would do it again.

My Finale Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate,

 Great  Bonus when you join.

When you join it is zero costs.

If you don’t like it you can contact the website and shout but maybe i forgot to

mention it’s free yes i mean free.

Within the first hour of joining you will be contacted to welcome you to the site.

However if you do join i will make you one promise, that you st up your account it is very easy to do

and very quick as well.

you will be walked through it when joining Wealthy Affiliate.

There are online live classes

There is training lessons to show you step by step how to set your own website up and get it running

Plenty to be proud of in the WA family

Join Wealthy Affiliate, $0 starter membership


Here Is How to Claim Your Bonus

When you join on your free starter account i am going to offer you a bonus if you do wish to become a PREMIUM member in the first seven days it is $19,  There will be a 59% discount when you create your account in Wealthy Affiliate, When joining you will be contacted on your profile with Hello and some information about WA and how to get your bonus.

Trust me there is some great stuff on WA to learn and train and go through the classes are really great learning how to set up your own website bit by bit great place to train and meet people ask questions when you get stuck you are not alone.

You can click on the link above or below to find out more about WA if you are joining.

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