My Review On Baby and The Dirty Job Of Nappies


So many years ago the nappy wasn’t even put on a baby or if they did it would of been a swaddling wrap with very little else as this is so far back there is so little to find out.

Records as early as 2000 BC, the record also shows that the parents would use something like wood shavings, moss and grass and sometimes nothing at all show that the BC nappy was more

Early records tell us that around 2000 BC ancient peoples used wood shavings, moss, and grass or no nappy at all.

Oh my this sounds so harsh on poor infants little bottom – think I would have opted for the ‘no nappy at all’ option if It was now it seems so very rough for the babies back then.

In 1849 the safety pin was invented this would hold the terry nappy together securing everything stays together and also safer for baby and caregiver.

Maria Allen invented the first mass-produced nappies and diapers in 1887.

1910 Rubber pants were produced, but they were not used so much as they would cause rashes on the baby.

Poor families would use flour sacks cloth for nappies and diapers

1951 The two-piece nappy was released by Playtex these nappies had flushable inserts. Cloth diaper brand Reigel uses velcro on their diapers.

In 1967 the disposable nappy gets a fast enabling tab the first with combinett nappy or diaper.

Then in 1969, there was the German Nappy designed by Disana this was a nappy or diaper with a tie.

In 1974 there was a Kimbies Brand disposable these were made for a better fit and an easier shape.

The SAP super absorbant polymers were added to diapers in 1982.

Then along came pampers in 1984 which started using refasten tabs so that the nappy could be resealed if they came un-done, these were introduced in 1984.


These newborn babies are one of the reasons we all love to hold and snuggle up with and grace our lives and when they need their bums changing they will let us know with a cry which each mother gets to know in due time it is amazing what we really learn from the newborn, also how fast we learn when we have a beautiful newborn to look after.

Along with the nappies we also have to keep an eye out for nappy rash and thrush which some babies do get but it is easy to clear with the right creams and washes and making sure that the newborn or baby is dry before putting nappy on keeping up with the nappy rash and trying to avoid baby getting it as it is very uncomfortable.

Using the terry nappies can benefit greatly as they can have a liner in them and they really don’t cost so much and the other benefit is you don’t have to pay out so much as you do with the disposables.

Pro’s and Cons  on both nappies


Terrie’s nappies they last for a very long time and you only have to use the washing machine and throw the liner away no industrial  waste, the other pro with using the terry nappies are that they now make it easier by using the shaped nappy and some velcro some still use the pins and most rubber pats as well.

The con’s of the Terry nappy is that they can be time-consuming you are either folding the nappy into the shape you actually want or putting pins into the nappy keeping the baby still while you put nappy on.

The pro’s and cons of disposables

Disposable nappies are easier when you are out for changing the baby you can change the baby with the little hassle when the baby is small but as they get older there  is the chance that baby will crawl off and you have to still have a lot of control the same way when using the terry nappies so really not a lot of difference and the only difference i would say is that you cannot flush the disposables down the toilet but you can flush the nappy liner down the toilet.

There are many different makes of disposables nappies made now all challenging each other so it is good to look around for which one you really want to place your baby in.

The terry nappy is still out there and there are quite a lot of people that still use them which is good.

I used terries because i loved the fact that they were washable and  you were not spending so much money out just for the creams and baby wash and the nappy liners that you can flush away so much easier when i had my other children i still used terry nappies until they were about eight months old then i did start using the disposables especially when i was going out and i had the three that were very small and two in nappies still.

I think  disposable nappies are now just used for the quickness and some people do not dispose of them properly i have seen them just thrown outside the bins on the floor and not adequately covered and some are  thrown in bins, they also do not disintegrate either so not only do they get thrown away in the street and not in the bins they don’t rot properly like normal waste it really affects the way we use products.

So there are the good and bad things about both terry nappies and the disposables but it is to everyone’s choice who uses what and for how long.

We are a world now that are pushing our babies to grow way too quick as the world changes and families work far too many hours some babies stay in nappies longer or they are in nursery and they are trained on the toilet earlier than a parent would have done years back, something like a child being called the latch key kids.

Terry Nappies and rubber pants or the Disposables which and how many people would choose and why would they choose them?

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  1. Aaron says:

    Very knowledgeable and very well written you definitely did your research them poor babies back in day wow

    1. Hi Aaron
      Thank you for the comment i enjoy researching and finding things out it is really good fun.


  2. Suzie says:

    Hi Tracey,
    Those poor babies that where born in the dark ages, how their bottoms coped with the wood shavings and moss is difficult to imagine.
    I used terry nappies on my first child, and disposable nappies with my second. I liked the fact that the terry cloth nappies were environmentally friendly , just wash and reuse. But the convenience of disposable nappies, for me, wins hands down.

    1. Hi Suzie
      Thank you for the comment i can never imagine the way people used to live without the nappies must of been so hard and a little woofy lol.
      Terrie’s i loved throw the liner away and put the nappy in the machine so quick, i can understand disposables were a very easy option for a lot of people though.

  3. A ton of great information which will be a great help to moms and dads. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

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