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So at some point, we all need to see someone and talk explain our feelings also so that we all get to see other people.

When people are not feeling great but look ok but are they really?

Women have a real challenge in their lives to bite their tongues and get on with everything even though they might be in a lot of pain after the birth of their baby or something may well have happened that is clearly hidden from the eye.

There are many different forms of depression but when a woman has a baby PND or postnatal depression can be so frightening, new baby new start in the mummies life so she probably won’t be aware of the signs that she has there are many different forms or markers for depression.

The time is great when a new baby comes int the world but some mothers do not know how to cope so it is a hard situation and maybe the PND is not so visible and the new mum cannot recognize the symptoms either which can be the main problem, these symptoms can be anything from moodiness, sleepy, sitting in the dark, and the last but the worst feeling for a new mum is the not being able to bond with their new baby.

The bond with a new baby is really important but this can be a shock for the new mum giving birth and trying to adjust to a totally new life-giving the baby the attention and love that it needs, Unfortunately, the new mum does not know how to bond because she thinks there is something wrong with them.

A lot of women will have had all the visitors to their homes and they would have held the baby had a cup of something but no thought goes to the new mum what are her thoughts is she ok does she need any help.

Many people will walk in to see the baby and really not do too much for the mum even if she looks exhausted her life now revolves around the new baby and keeping things going feeding washing and cleaning.


So the beginning is a tough start but it is almost like the end of our life as well

Preparing for a new arrival is really important lots of arranging and appointments and check-ups.

Mummy needs more than you will ever know,

Mummy needs tender loving care and chocolates

Flowers say I love you

And the bundle says I need you                                       

The new joy of the extended family

Everyone visits but no one helps

Anyone for a cuppa sounding out but poor mummy is so tired

Minutes turn into hours, hours turn to days all she hears is Mummy.

Mummy and her time, time to evolve into the big wide world as a newborn person,

Now the baby is on board and life has changed there are the fun times that came with the new,

A new addition to complete the ever-growing family.

So the new addition has been in place and things have changed more washing to do baby bottles

to sort out but shes just mum,

Mummy gives her time to just about everyone she shares but guess what nothing in return.

Mummies new moments and time finder,

Where does she find it how does she do it,

This mummy is a miracle always running and running she burns herself out

So when you go to see the newborn baby think about the mummy she needs some attention too

to mummy is important she is there whenever she is needed for.

This was just a little something for women.

Mum will always be mum until the day she dies so when something like giving birth happens it is a very hard thing to go through even though it is fantastic it is a major change to the body and when in labor it is almost like fighting with yourself.

As friends walk in and friends walkout but life goes on when someone or anyone give birth don’t always think that it is an easy thing to happen it is far from easy and some women go into shock and this can lead to the onset of depression.

Keeping in touch with your friends especially when they are in their own homes after having a new baby, there are things that will help any new parent

Get out of the house

Invite friends around

Take the baby and go to a group for mums and babies

Involve new mums into life help them understand what is or has happened and how talking about things will help even though it may not feel like it right at that point in time.

Something that may well help any new mum could be taking the baby out in the pram and going for long walks this can ease the anxiety that starts that feeling spiraling downhill this takes the feeling to an all-new height where mums would be doubting themselves and then the depression becomes even deeper and still she won’t understand what is going on and how other people actually see what is happening.

Some people are frightened to tell other people what is happening as they may think they are crazy but actually, PND is perfectly normal after having a baby the only thing is this may not be seen by anyone until well after having the baby so the new mum may be suffering for quite a while until she really gets a diagnoses.

Chat is very important for any new parent and very important cause other members of families can detect anything that is troubling the new mum and chat while having coffee or out for a meal this beats down the barrier that the new mum is fighting.

PND is a horrible form of depression

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is true that we easily forget mothers. I recently became a grandmother and like any grandmother, I was oohing and aahing over the baby but didn’t really ask my daughter how she was feeling. I have the opportunity to visit again next week so I will make sure I pay attention to mom and maybe pamper her a little. I will definitely hold the baby a lot and give her some time for herself. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Maryann
      Thank you for the comment.
      I had just had my youngest daughter and one of my good friends came to visit me and said it is not just about the baby you have just had a baby and an operation you should be the one receiving some TLC.
      I have three grandchildren one of whom i haven’t yet seen but the other two i see every few weeks my youngest is a granddaughter who is five months old now and my grandson who is four years old tomorrow i don’t live very near them so i go down to see my children when i can.

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