My Review On Prams and Pushchairs

The change in baby transport is very visible over many years they have come so far built from being or resembling a pull along trolly to a beautiful style pram.

The first pram was designed in 1733 by William Kent the pull along was redesigned and a solid handle was actually added to make it easier to push rather than pull the changes became more obvious in the later years.

In 1847 there was a three-wheeled stroller and the baby would sit in a wicker style stroller this had two big back wheels and a small leading wheel, this also had no hood so it would have not been very good to take the baby out in the rain.

Transporting the baby has really changed in a big way all through the generations from a pull along cart to a top style pram or pushchair.


Time and the years have changed along with the products of baby equipment so from prams with small wheels to full body prams that look so great but they also still had small wheels for a few years the body form changed over time quite a bit, new designs and even color as well the material also changed quite a lot.

One of the early designs of prams

Gradually the designs became more inviting and they also changed the fashion as well, the change of prams became very obvious the shape did not change for a few years but the material did the outer skin of the prams became more solid and waterproof as time passes the prams were adjusted to carry more than one baby even these were adjusted so much.

This pram almost looks like a three-wheeler and it is actually quite strange because you would not think that the three-wheeled prams would have been designed that long ago.


The shape of the pram really did change and made the whole shape and design totally the hood to protect the baby from the rain and the whole pram or stroller was facing forward quite different from the old designs previously and even this design was to be improved as well.

So they have come over one hundred years and seen so many changes from the shape, material and the design but not just that but the wheel sizes and the shape of the pram body.

This pram has a suspension for the comfort of the baby or young child this pram had a full hood to keep the baby warm and dry also had a mattress for softness.

This pram was designed by Hitchings of London also this pram was used by Royal families used by the Swedish royal family as well.

Of course, there were the families that could not afford some of the prams that were designed and would take one that they could afford which were mainly black in color and had small wheels but they did the job of transporting the baby for the parents.

Mothers who couldn’t afford or didn’t want a nanny could spend some quality time with their baby dressing them for an enjoyable pram outing.




So the silver cross pram was made and is still around now and how much it has progressed from 1877 and the beauty is still in the shape and the design there are many of the royal family that still use these prams the correct covers and the shape the prams have a shopping basket at the bottom of the pram and a compartment underneath where the baby sleeps.

On top of the prams, there are two clips on either side of the hood where the canopy can be placed to prevent the baby from getting burnt.

The silver cross was and still is an extremely well known and well-used product they have more than just the prams as many people would know already.

Now we look at what the baby travels in but before we do there are a few steps that are missing, there was a portable carrycot and wheels these came in many different colors and they were quite solid and waterproof as well.

So the next step was the three in one buggy carrycot and transporter often the base of the pram was a lot smaller and cannot fit a large amount of shopping in it.

In the earlier prams, they had a balance problem so if the baby was in them then it was fine to carry shopping on the handles but once you took the baby out of the pram the whole pram could actually fall because of the weight problem so in some cases it is not so great to evolve with these new types of prams, however they are used for quickness and in some cases they are better because of getting on and off of transport if needed.

You can use the three in one a lot longer as it will grow with the child up to three years or whatever the weight says on the information sticker.

Many different styles and many different makes as well some are very cheaply made and some are very expensive quality is what most people will go for but a lot of people will go for what they can afford and may last just as long as the expensive products.

Sometimes it does take looking for the right product and feeling comfortable with what you wish to purchase and not what everyone else has brought.


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  1. It is so amazing how times have brought so many changes, I did not know that the first push was made that long ago. They have been around for some time which is pretty amazing. Even though the older or first one seems to be so fancy with the passing of time the improvements have been really great.

    1. Hi Norman
      Thank you for your comment it is really interesting when you look back on products that we actually take for granted the first actual pull along was in the year 1733 it was like a toy brick trolly which had a string or rope pull along so history has really come a very long way to make life easier for everyone.

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