No Book Is Ever Given

Hooray We Are Pregnant.


So all along young women want to have babes but what they don’t know is how hard it really is and a lot of time taken up not just when the baby is born but after and that there is a lifetime of patients and care for the newborn.

There is no book to give new parents information about the new life and what to expect we learn as we go and every day is something different to learn.

I think that the first thing that you do is check your baby making sure that everything is intact and checking to see what sex the baby is.

There are some books or magazines that new mums or pregnant mums to be can buy and read the stories but there is no book that can help you to understand what will happen to become a parent.

So pregnancy test positive whats the next step sometimes it is nerves that set in or the total excitement and the butterflies who can i tell first of all.

The other feeling that can set in are pure nerves and how am i going to get through the pregnancy i don’t know what to do can someone advise on how you take the next step but no one can tell you how to guide your pregnancy.

Pregnancy really is a different part of a woman’s life and there will always be very different stories to each and every pregnancy.

We often think that the woman saying that she feels sick from start to finish is a bit far fetched and to be honest it is not your body reacts so differently to what they would say is a foreign body inside your own body and it is growing from the size of a pinhead and  this tiny tiny speck grows to become a wonderful beautiful baby grows and will be brought in to the world from there it is a responsibility of mummy and daddy.

Pregnancy comes with its twist as well there are quite a few things that can go wrong twin pregnancy due date is given but for some reason that baby wants to either stay in where it’s warm and feeling protected and baby comes late feels too good to be born so when they go over a certain date the hospital will give a date for induction.

Sometimes the baby comes very early and it may not be just a couple of weeks but maybe a month or so, so in this case, the timing of babies arrival baby will go into an incubator.

Some premature babies thrive really quickly some premature babies take quite a long time to pick up some really grow very quickly and are allowed home, but in some cases, it may take a couple of months for them to pick up.

So from the beginning, it is not just the woman who falls pregnant but the man has feelings too so we have to consider the men as well if there is one involved.

We are a nation of let’s have babies we need to look at things in a different way and think of the future and where are we going to leave our children in a world of hate.

  • So let’s get back to the subject of being pregnant and giving birth,
  • Finding out that you are pregnant
  • The first three months
  • The hospital appointments
  • The first scan
  • The blood test
  • Hospital Stays

Hospital bags need to be organised so that you have everything ready a while before the due date because you don’t know when the baby is going to make an appearance.

First pregnancy test and the fear and elation and understanding what is going to happen through the nine months following the test that was positive.

The first step is getting checked by the doctor they will possibly do another test to double check and make sure that you are pregnant, dates are then set by the doctor the first hospital appointment will be sent in the post in due time.

The next appointment that will come through will be with the maternity unit and the dates that the baby could arrive and then the other or next appointment’s and the blood test that are a regular thing this is to make sure that mum and baby are doing well, the other test that will be blood pressure which needs to be checked all the time as it can be dangerous if it goes too high.

The first scan is usually around twelve weeks and this is to check the size and growth first of all but there may be another reason that maybe they may be expecting twins or multiple births which they will keep an eye on and check everything is good with the growth of babies.

The birth and the choices that are around for mums are quite a few now,

  • Natural Birth
  • This can include birthing on the bed
  • You can use the birthing ball
  • Different positions
  • Standing and waking
  • On all fours
  • On your side

Water Birth this is such a different way to give birth even though you may be in pain but the water helps you to relax as well this is such a natural form and also helps the birth when you are in the birthing pool.

I have had four very different births and the first they say is always the worst but sometimes that is wrong no one birth is the same.

My first labor lasted over thirty-nine hours and she was a late baby born with a squashed eye but that soon rectified, my second labor was slow but easier and lasted just about eight hours.

My third birth was quite quick well i say quick it was about six hours and a straight forward, my last was not straight forward my son had dropped a bottle of liquid on the floor i fell and baby had turned she had the cord up around her neck and around her ankles then i had a C section and was in hospital for quite a few days so you see every birth is so very different it is who we are and how we can tolerate the fear of giving birth.

There are families that find it so very hard to fall pregnant that they will use a surrogate which may be easier but most women would prefer to carry their own babies but some women can’t carry at all they may well miscarry or have to have a support stitch to hold the baby.

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  1. Edwin Bernard says:

    After reading your advice on childbirth, based in part on your experience giving birth to four babies, it became clear why no one book can cover all that giving birth entails. I liked the fact that you introduced the man into the picture. 

    Sadly, my wife and I couldn’t have children so we adopted. We missed out on going through the experience of childbirth. After reading all that is necessary in the preparation and aftermath, I am not sure I would have liked to have gone through that process. When the baby is your very own, you have no choice. Our human brains are built to accept the process and even enjoy the amazing miracle of childbirth. 

    I liked the detail you went into that I am certain will be of great help to pregnant women. Thanks for using your experience to help other pregnant women. And the fathers too. 

  2. Linda Cooper says:

    An informative and helpful post. I agree that many do not consider the implications of having a baby. Often they have an idealised view of what it will be like during the pregnancy, expecting all to  go smoothly, not understanding the discomfort in their body, nausea and aches and pains as the baby grows.

    Some men can feel left out, so its good to consider them and their feelings too. 

    Good to read about pregnancy and childbirth from someone who has actually been through it.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Linda

      Thankyou i know you are right i think that no one knows what to expect and it is so frightening when the time arrives for the new arrival that’s when they can start their own book of life and work the new baby in to their way umm not baby will guide them.


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