OnePenny, Two Pennies Or A Few More

So back in time a little so that we can see where the family unit came from and how it was made along with the richness of the home which does not mean money all the time.

A family would be a hardworking household probably if there were no children they would be both workings and for pennies, these are the times when money was a really well-earnt wage making a solid unit, a lot of the time the women would work in the factories well the men would either be in the fields or as an office boy tending paperwork.

When the babies arrived in the family if they couldn’t afford to live by the one wage they both worked and in most cases they would take the baby into the factory with them.

Along came the high/middle and lower class.


A lot of people were ranked by what they earnt or where they lived depending on how people

A person who lived in a lower area would of been for the lower class person or family

The middle class would of been in an area which was just a little more expensive and not so poor and hard-driven but still quite hard to live.

The high class would of been families in the hierarchy and this would of the been the cream on the cake these are the people that could still do things that maybe somewhere down the road there would be a family who could not survive or barely survive on their earnings and not one person could really understand how they did how did they do it a lot depended on the support they had in the family and the workers that they had what they were doing how they made things last and would eat a very small amount.

A lot of families on the minimal earnings would often give their children the food so that they could have protein and did not starve.

Children were working in the families of the middle and lower class by the time they were twelve and thirteen years old to help the family survive so it was obvious that they were not in school because of this problem of poverty.

Poverty may be horrible but it really did have its positive things like families would be close and they would look after each other no matter how they needed help.

when you look at this day and age we are still the same but it somehow self-driven in some aspects and we could avoid if the governments helped people to be housed with their children and if there are families that have abusers then find somewhere safe for the families to feel secure and grow as a unit even if it is with one parent.

What we don’t recognize at the time is the mental and physical abuse that goes on not everywhere but in a lot of places children not allowed to tell tells it was seen as a no no and you had to listen to your elders but this drove a lot of people crazy later in life.

So really poverty and the hierarchy had a huge effect of life in itself where the money was and still is they could do what they wanted to buy live how they wanted while there were others struggling to put a slice of bread in their families mouths.

No one really knows how far back we can go when the word abuse really came to light but what is known is there was a lot of abuse going on from centuries back again so many children were scared to tell what was happening almost the same as in this day and age a lot of survivors were threatened if they told that something had happened to them, abuse was also a silent thing no one would believe what had happened to the other person  or they did not want to believe maybe knowing the abuser which is very hard for some people to get around.

Back so many years young children were supposed to be seen and not heard this was also considered to be part of the manners meaning that the child or children would only speak when spoken to, this was politeness and a child would never interrupt an adult while they are in conversation with another adult.

Manners mean each time someone entered the home the child would greet the visitor with (hello how are you) and always say please and thank you.

There was not the television that is around is around now so children would make entertainment for themselves playing in the garden playing with the dolls prams on their bikes and maybe digging holes in the garden to make mud pies.

The visitors were considered to be safe and no one would think otherwise still the children had to be polite whether there was something that they did not like about certain visitors.

There were families that had very decent homes with an inside toilet and hot water on the go all the time but most of the time bath water was heated up on the cooker or they would lite a coal fire so that the water in the tap would heat up and they would bath in the bathroom.

If having a bath you were not supposed to go downstairs until you were dry and dressed if there were visitors around again when entering a room they had to greet whoever was present with manners.

As the years go by or not maybe in some cases there were stories of young children being abused by a friend of the family or even a family member but most of the time this did not get spoken about until the child had grown up when this would of caused maybe psychological problems and can continue through the life of a person breaking relationships up and a lot of this happened because of fear not being able to talk about the abuse.

More and more abuse happened where young children were accessible to the abusers especially if they were family members or they could access the children through the family while visiting the families.

Homes were as the standard family living as normal as could be and improved over the years manners were still expected where ever you would take you family and politeness was so important when out your people had tongues they would comment if your child was rude and by the time you returned everyone would know all about it, if your child or teen had been out and in trouble by the police and was brought back to the house by the police then it wasn’t just the police they had been told off by but by the parents as well.

So there are so many areas in the world that have s much money and so many people are not happy yet the families do not have money are the happier side even when they have virtually nothing they still manage to smile and see what is around them without being envious of the people that have the money.

There are plenty of examples where this world many families still have large families and work together to support them all on little money meeting one lady on a vacation a long time ago she had five children and was heavily pregnant with baby number six and working ten to twelve-hour days she was a lovely lady who i would sit and talk to, she was so polite and very outgoing.

I am not rich but i am happy would not want to be in hand with some of the people that have everything yet they don’t have the one thing in this life that everyone really needs and that is love.

So one penny two pennies and a few more makes a lot of sense when you think that every little helps maybe that family that has nothing example the father or mother may have lost their jobs, they could well be homeless and living under the bridges in the back of shops, but the biggest thing of all is depression and abuse from living on the streets ad being homeless trying to pay for food or a roof over their heads even worse when they have children and need to take care of them in some cases they will sale their own bodies to get food.

In more terrifying cases they will sale their own children or marry them off at a very young age India some cases reveal that the girls are agreed to marriage at the age of four years old that is if the family cannot afford  to keep them after a certain age with the understanding that there is no sexual act until the child is old enough and old enough.

There many cases that say the children are as young as ten years old even though there has been an agreement the man ignores this not only do they get abused by the man but sometimes the family will beat this child.

Again it is not always about money but life in itself.

Thank you for reading


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  1. John says:

    It’s so sad to hear of this stuff going on… hopefully things can change

    1. I am grateful that you left a comment on my post,
      This post referred to three things really to start with money and poverty, large families and how they get by also abuse within the family and hidden abuse.
      How would people or the everyday family get by in America or England living on the money and availabilities that the far eastern cultures do no one could or at least it is so expensive in this country and they would not survive and that is why we have such a bad rain on the poverty and hierarchy because once you are in that poverty barrier you can not get out of it if you do you are very lucky and i can imagine it very similar in other countries

  2. Hello and thanks so much for your post and this information which will help so many.

    1. Hi Norman
      Once again you have such nice replies

  3. Very interesting article on the family unit. It brought back many fond memories of my childhood. Although we were not wealthy by any means we always had enough to get by, as well as a strong nuclear family unit with plenty of extended family and friends.

    I do miss the closeness and intimacy of that from which I grew up.

    In my career I have worked many years in the mental health field with some families where abuse was involved. Growing up I never realize it was that large of an issue.

    Thanks for your many insights into the family. All the Best.

    1. Hi Joseph
      Thank you for an amazing and lovely comment nice to know when people understand what has and is happening in and around the communities and grown up in a secure household and very close-knit family ties these have disappeared over the years.
      I also worked with a children’s center for abused children or children that have behavioral problems.
      I have worked in so many different areas of care but qualified couple of years ago as a psychologist and i don’t like seeing people so scared of life and they fear their next step looing over their own shoulders it is no life for them so if i can help anyone i will do it.
      Thank you very much Joseph

  4. Cheryl Brown says:

    Thanks for this article Tracey and it is amazing to see that in this day and age there is not a lot off difference in the way things worked out for the different classes of people. The rich still get richer and the poor still get poorer.

    I will agree that in days gone by I think the family unit was a lot closer than now and with no technology available everyone interacted with each other a lot better. However, you never really heard so much in days gone by about both mental and physical abuse because as you say people were frowned upon if they mentioned it and there was always the chance that the person would not be believed as people would see one side of someone and the person being abused would see a totally different side.

    I found this both an informative and interesting article to read and a lot of people will get a lot from it. I think people will read it and say to themselves that they remember these things happening to them either as a child or as they were growing up.

    Well done on choosing what can be classed as a delicate subject for some people.

    1. Wow Cheryl
      Thank you so much what can i say you have hit the nail on the head i am so glad you enjoyed the read i worked hard thinking how i could put things down and not be offensive when writing them.
      Thank you Cheryl for your support.

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