The generation’s of The Playpens.


The playpen has changed a lot over the years the first one was like a hanging basket in the window this was named the baby cage and was made in 1800.


This was also used to give the baby some fresh air if people lived in apartments this may of been the only way that some people could any air or sunshine at all.

How Things have changed and products have also

Playpen has to be safely constructed and they have changed a lot over the years these are the way things are and they have been for many years since the early 1900 century.

The change in the playpens are so visible they were made of wood and this was made in 1888 this was clearly made to keep the baby safe while the mother was working in the house so that the baby was able to play or sleep while the mum was busy.

At the time the playpen did not fold down which meant that there was no option and it had to stay up all the time again a great idea when it was designed to help mum watch the baby and keep safe at the same time in time the playpen changed again to a totally different design and made life a little easier.

The playpen started out with a wooden stand and almost like a cradle design and something like a wicker design on the sides but they were high sides as well.

This is a design of the first playpen

These playpens did have their advantages where the aristocrats living in London would use them as it gave the babies the vitamin D this made the cage even more popular.

This shows quite a bit of what they would do to keep the baby safe and what sort of playpen this was and how they put this together enough of the old and let us talk about the new designs now.

Playpens over the years have changed one of the reasons would be for health and safety reasons.

Playpens changed and safety was brought in to action.

The playpen is something like the travel cot’s now they are light and easy to transport and to assemble as well.

The playpen was made of a heavy and hard material so it could have been quite uncomfortable for the baby at that time, but these playpens i doubt were made for comfort they were made partially to give the parent a break and maybe give the baby some air if they lived in an apartment the cage would be attached to the wall and there was a top to secure it and make secure so baby or toddler did not climb out of the top.

These baby cages were loved by the aristocrats of London and they seemed to be used from 1888 until mid-1930’s i don’t think that there was a bad thought when designing these cages but there was the other thinking in the design that was to give the babies some fresh air and the sunshine that they needed as some of the homes had no gardens to put baby in a pram and in the garden.

From the old to the newer types of playpens

BabyDan Square Playpen with Play Mat (White)

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This is a newer type of playpen where the baby can sleep on a soft mat and also be covered at the same time but also these playpens can also go in the garden for the baby to have the important vitamin D6

There are other colors as well the older wooden playpen would have been just natural wood and square in shape they would not have had a gate to open it either so now they have access to place the baby or toddler in and shut the gate knowing they are safe.

The newer playpens now have different colors and very different shapes also some have changing areas and while the baby is small they can also have a small attachment on the top of the playpen this can only be used until the baby is about four months old.

The travel cot is somewhat like the playpen as well this is easy access and put the cot up and have the safety that is there for the baby at the same time.

So much has changed with the playpen and the travel cot being so alike it is easy to use the one for both but the difference is that the travel cot is slightly higher than the playpen but still as safe as the playpen.

The challenges are still there for designs like everything to make things easier and safer for babies and toddlers.

Hauck Baby Centre Travel Cot with Folding Mattress, Giraffe/Beige (Bassinet, Changing Top, Nappy Station and Cot Mobile)

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This travel cot has the storage on the side of it and it also has mesh sides so the baby can see when lying down this also has a soft mattress to support the baby as well this can be used as a small playpen.

So many choices out there to choose from also the safety factor would always come into it how much the playpen has changed to make things a lot more adaptable for the home where they have space for the travel cot or the playpen where they can be fitted in and in a safe environment for the baby.

Going back to the first ever playpen it looked like a chicken coop and i think it would be very scary to be hanging mid-air and the thought that these were still around until the 1930s the idea is a structured identity and the way it was used and put together  just like a normal design for a playpen accept that this one was built for the windows not the ground.





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