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We seem to walk through life expecting people all to be ok and never ask how anyone is.

The problem is not just for the elderly but for the young people as well but a lot of people walk around with shutters on their eyes we never or hardly check to see how new mums are and we are very rarely asked how we are doing.

I started this site to try and get people to talk because a lot of people are not aware how many young new mums and the elderly are sat in their own homes without anyone to talk too and this maybe for a few days if not longer.

Therapy for anyone is the one thing that seeing or chatting is and this helps people not feel so alone which takes that loneliness feeling away and the feeling of isolation away even if it is a call of a couple of minutes and see how that person feels after the call or a chat in the street.

The problem with people is we are frightened in this day and age to approach people and ask are you ok do you need a hand.

Young mums may look happy on the outside but are they?

Young mums sometimes don’t understand why they feel so low after the birth of a new baby, this could be a number of things and they are not sure at times how to approach the situation s their actual feelings go unnoticed and this can build into depression and the anxiety of the unknown.

Unfortunately, people do not communicate anymore they are stuck in heir own little worlds and that usually is their mobile phones this has become a problem it is not that they will call someone but they will be playing and not observing the round bout their lives which is where everything is beginning to be a problem.

We expect everyone to get on with life and not complain, i have written about the effects of PND postnatal depression and the effects of it and how it can develop and the signs of it,  postnatal depression can be a silent killer in a new mum the effects are quite dangerous there does need to be more awareness of it.

Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol, Abuse are all leading to fatalities in a lot of cases we stand clear because we fear the worst or some people actually do not believe that they are sick in any way what so ever, They don’t look ill they don’t sound ill but they have an underlying problem they hide their fear.

In both of my other blogs, i have spoken about the postnatal depression what d we know how many people do you know that have actually said that they feel exhausted  they can’t cope, what changes have you seen do they drink more does the new mum hideaway is speaking hard for your friends what changes have you seen or not seen?

We have a habit to walk on by when there are problems and ignore others but that is so bad there are so many people that go unnoticed this makes society a very ignorant place and even worse what it is family.

I have also discussed the things that we may talk about.

Talking is a great part of healing so when someone, not just someone who has become a new parent but someone who is or has depression this illness is very cruel it is invisible so no one knows how poorly a single person can be.



So here we go a lot of women and men have problems but they never talk about anything they are actually scared and think the problem will go away on its own by not talking wrong you are closing off from what you need to be doing becoming a normal happy person once again.

When we talk to other people we make things easier but not only that we are listening and helping other people with what they have wrong or what they worry about this takes the thoughts away from what you are thinking and how talking eases the pain that they are going through.

Time is a healer but when someone has depression it is not great and it can seem like the world is closing in on you and also like no one is interested or they don’t want to know and they pass the buck.

We sit in corners and we feel comfortable but do we actually relax?

What do we want to do we fall pregnant

Feeling grotty

Morning sickness

Getting up is like climbing a mountain

The day drags and maybe the sickness doesn’t stop

Getting prepared for the biggest day

Then also read about the other side of pregnancy as we all have different pregnancies

Days can be long mums can be on heir own when the dad goes back to work and have some break from the newborn baby,

no one around and people have come and gone no one visits so mum is all on her own this can become a pattern of loneliness.

Building life and securing everything to make a happy life is the hardest but yet the easiest way to do it as it is a day at a time and enjoying what is in front of you.

Putting life together and building the pathways is another matter especially when no one gives you a book to start that life book no one has ever written it or handed it t you how do you know what to put down or secure to protect your life.

Life is too short not to help other people when we see them not so happy we need to take what we see and help the others that need help even if we don’t know them even the simple things will make a difference like a smile or hello ask if they need help with the small things these are the things that make a difference.

If you know you know someone is on their own after having a new baby check on them make sure that they are feeling ok it is a fantastic feeling having a new baby but a big jump when you are stuck with no one to actually talk too, small things mean so much.



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  1. Nessa says:

    Hello, I love your website!

    1. Hi Nessa
      Thank you for the comment i have enjoyed writing when i am not working.


  2. Tania Halpin says:

    Hi Tracey, Thanks for this post. In my corporate world, we have this phrase called “iPhone guilt” and it is a very real thing. Everyone is so ‘busy’ that we forget the small stuff. We don’t take the time to talk anymore. It’s all texts and emails. It is good to be reminded to stop and smell the flowers and check on our fellow human beings.

    1. Hi Tania
      Thank you for the comment so very true and we are all guilty of being quite ignorant in this day and age stopping and listening is the first step asking someone if they are ok is a rally important thing to do it is so simple and so very important.

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