Review On History Of Baby Transport

The Start Of Silver Cross.

Silver Cross is one of the oldest makes of prams they were designed by a man called William Wilson in 1877 but this wasn’t the first year the pram was actually designed.

From the first hooded silver cross to the designs that are around now there is a big difference.

Silver cross are one of the most popular makes and the royal family has always used the silver cross it was the design that everyone used to talk about.


This was one of the first carriage prams ever built as named the coach built pram it looks like it had two handles on there as well.

The first wheeled carriage is said to of been built in 1730 this baby carriage was a mixture between a carriage and a basket this was actually built for a Duke by William Kent, these were designed to be pulled by either goat, pony or a dog i guess the children would of loved this but the parents would have been worried about an animal pulling the baby carrier.

So baby carriages have changed a huge amount over the decades and it is visible change and also a change that makes travel so much easier in this day and age.

The change is very visible and talking about one make for instants such as the Silver Cross they were so well known by the royal family many members have used the coach built carriage, there are many pictures of the young princes and royal babies in the history books where you can see the royal families using the Silver Cross.

Amazing prams such a dignified pram to walk along with and built to last.

The newer make of the Silver Cross is as good the wayfarer this is from birth to toddler or when the child decides that they want to walk so this make is still as strong today.

Silver Cross makes other products as well such as the drop side cots these have also changed but not greatly they are still lovely in the way they are made they have different designs now as well.

The silver cross make is one of the best and the oldest as well.1877 and we are now in 2019 what an amazing age t reach and still being designed


Silver Cross royal connections

The pram of royalty how this is one of the most beautiful styles and how they have kept this and even bringing it back in some parts the shape is slowly changing and not just in the silver cross but in other designs, these prams look so much more elegant.

But as the times have changed so have the materials that have been used to make the prams some of the strollers are so brittle but it seems that not many people use just the one pram now they tend to use two or three unless they buy a three in one which would really work out much cheaper and easier.


Silver Cross Hi-Style and Carnival

So the shape has changed even in the 1960’s this is so visible and they have designed a pushchair then they changed again the silver cross wayfarer was then designed and sold good sturdy pushchair.Silver Cross heritage Wayfarer


This silver cross wayfarer has also changed and now has a carrycot to go with it and also is in a few different colors.

The makes of many baby carriers have changed and also the way they have been made is so much different the care that used to be used in many companies.

  • Many different makes in the world today for
  • Prams /silver cross
  • icandy,
  • mamas and papas,
  • bebecar

All of the designs are made but some look alike and some have more attached to them like gloves to keep the hands warm when pushing the pram along some or most prams have matching covers.

Some of the designs are made to last the years that’s why people are willing to pay that little bit more and it really makes a lot of sense.

The pram is a great form of transport to take the baby out in if there you don’t drive so it makes it so much easier than carrying the baby in your arms.

Silver cross has worked hard over the years to keep their products going and they have succeeded the company have been around for many years and hopefully around a lot longer for new parents to able to enjoy everything including the new baby who will have comfort from the silver cross pram.

The shape of the silver cross has not really changed in the coach built prams but in the three in on they have changed a lot the shape is a lot different and the base of the carrycot is not as rounded as the carriage pram.

On the bottom of the carriage pram the there was a shopping basket and it was quite a big one this has been made smaller on the three on one pram




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