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 Say How You Feel In The Beginning


Hi I just popped by to say Hello, Salam, Hola, Hallo, and Namaste just a few languages in this wide world please say hello on this page let me know what you think.

I would love to hear from anyone mum and dads all over the world leave comments or email me.

We have a go at everything and we talk to a lot of people through the time we are out even if it is just hello.

Having a conversation sometimes is very hard especially if you have a baby or toddler with you or it could work the other way and the toddler could make it so easy to get a conversation started that could lead to a friendship.

Many families are of mixed race, so many children have bilingual tongues great helps the parents to talk another language.

The best bit with children is when they have a mixed family most of the children grow speaking a lot of languages as it is easier for them to learn, my friend is Chinese and her husband is Iranian their daughter could speak at least three languages, but she could speak Chinese by the time she was two years old and Farsi then obviously English as well you tongues pick up very quickly

On the bus the other day there was a little girl with her mum, the little girl must have been about three years old but she was so funny she was chattering about so many things the lady that was sat next to her was being asked so many questions.

The little girl was asking the ladies name and she must of asked about three or four times and eventually, the lady answered and then the lady started talking properly to the little girl at one point the little girl asked the lady do you watch pepper pig i watch the little girl as she told the lady, the lady asked the mum what is pepper pig.

It was a really funny conversation from a little girl the innocence and how funny it really was she told the lady to say goodbye to the bus.

So as our newborn babies are growing not just inside of us or on the outside they are learning by listening inside of the womb, so when your baby is born they already recognize the sound of the parents.

Remembering the first nappy from my oldest and i didn’t have a clue and how it just automatically but the first few weeks are the most challenging, that first nappy was not nice it was the first really dirty one so it was really fun oh boy i wish i could put my daughter’s name on here she would not forgive me but it would be quite funny.

When i had my eldest i was using normal terries nappies as i call them so you had to have the nappy ready before even starting the change and have the wipes handy as well to be on the safe side and no accidents, with wee or number two’s as did happen when my dad was there whoops.

So i think that most mums feel the same when it comes to the expectations of the new baby and what should be happening,

  • When do they cawl
  • When does their first tooth come through
  • What size nappies do i need
  • When shall i sit the baby up
  • How do i support them
  • What is safe and what is not
  • When can a baby go in a walker
  • What sort of food do I start my baby on?

I bet some of you are thinking something like this how do I keep my baby safe is probably a common brain test we have to watch and learn.

You will know what size nappies to buy it will be obvious baby may not grow as fast as some babies but that’s not a problem.

Any liquid should be locked away when your baby gets to a stage that they can crawl pulling themselves up and moving around move danger out of reach lock it away doesn’t give the baby a chance to get hurt.

Watching baby grow is great for both parents they look so funny the start of crawling how they waddle along.

The way that the baby plays if they have a toy but there is a cardboard box that is far more interesting i have a picture of my son he was only about seven months and there was a box he was crawling as fast as he could and head in the box he was crawling fast so that i didn’t put a nappy back on he was a funny little baby if he could escape he did as hard as quick as he could so funny watching his tiny but waddling along that was such a long time ago.

There are so many choices of where we feed our babies on our lap’s, in the high chair or let them sit on a chair but personally, the highchair is the best not just to keep them in there but to keep the attention when you are feeding the baby.

Baby walkers are for the baby that is strong enough to go in and learn how to move the walker by using the legs to get them going

So looking at the baby we see some really cute faces then we see the best face of all when a baby laughs for the first time there is the thought that it could just be wind.

Then there is the time when the baby starts to communicate the first gurgle as they are trying to get your attention then the scream that they find they can do sometimes that scream is so piercing.

You have the escape artist who will do anything to stay mobile and not stay still for even five seconds, my son knew how to get out of his cot, open the stair gate, crawl up the shelves he was such a busy child.


The time has come and nine months is up,

230 days and that sounds so long and changes so made,

the end is near they never give you a date

So poor mum is waiting for the special day she waits and he or she is late


late just like their father

Late just like dinner

Sitting on the edge of the bed she saying please come now,

Now she just wants to meet you

You have made me wait we want to meet you

Waiting for that special day your birthday

The best day for mum and baby.


A day that starts with energy may end very tiring but with a smile thinking what has happened so never look back look forward and enjoy what you have ahead.

Smile at the mistakes you make laugh at the haters they are not worth it and love what you have and who you are that is the first step in life always love yourself first.

Please let me know what you think about my pages please read  and be honest i think i can take it lol


Thank you for taking time to read.


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