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Hello where ever you are i hope that you are all well.

To new Mums and Dads congratulations on the new arrivals, i hope that everything went well.

Time to try and get peoples attention and really talk about things like online coffee morning for mums and dads or couple’s whoever wants to join in feel free.

I would like as many people talking so that when you actually get to know each other it won’t matter where you come from what color your skin is what nationality you everyone is very welcome to join.

As i expressed in my last blog it is important that new mums talk and they get help if it is needed, it is going to be a place where you are going to be understood and not just brushed off.

Talking about what you want to.

Telling the people or person who you are talking to what your feeling was maybe nitty gritty or funny you make your choices of what you like to talk about.

Please tell me what your dislikes were when you were pregnant or maybe you are pregnant and you have strong dislikes of smells and tastes of foods.

I was thinking of posting about food dislikes when you are pregnant and the things you crave the silly foods you wake for in the middle of the night.

I loved raspberry jam with cream cheese twister ice creams

I absolutely hated the smell of chicken and coffee the taste as well

I loved strong tasty fruit sweets.

What the thoughts on nappies?

What foods would you feed your baby?

Do you prefer the disposable or terry nappies?

Would you use just a papoose or would you take a pram as well?

Terry nappies used to be used so much and ok awkward but much better you would just throw away the liner and wash the nappy.

Disposable nappies are quick access and they don’t disintegrate very quickly so not very good for the environment.

When do you start giving your baby solid foods and how much, how many times a day?

Have you used baby rice in the bottles to supplement the babies feed?

Where do you babies sleep do they sleep in their cribs or cots or do they sleep with mum and dad?

When does mum get a little bit of time for herself and when does she take it or is it just when the baby goes to sleep.

What type of bedding do you use?

Do you swaddle your baby for comfort and security which babies love to feel loved and secure?

What sort of Prams do you buy?

Would you buy a good make of pram to last or would you buy two or three so you spend a lot more money on products rather than buy a quality pram that will last the time and possibly last for the next baby or sell knowing it is a good quality product?

Do you use cot quilts or do you use blankets what do you prefer?

Do you get lonely as a mum at home on your own if so would you look into joining a new mums group how would you go about joining and would you like to join somewhere and make new friends?

Do you have pets are your pets trained around babies and children do or would you trust them if they were in the room when you are not present in the room?

Funny stories we need stories that will make others smile and that coffee morning feeling that you have friends around.

Coffee mornings online skype which i aim to set up very soon so mums and dads can chat i will set up a room for a variety of people to chat i hope this will please everyone when it happens.

When would you start your toddler in a playgroup or toddler group integrating the baby or toddler with other children it is really important to get your children.

Would or do you sing to your babies to encourage them and help them to hear words?

Would you leave your pram with a baby in it outside of a shop with no one there with the baby?

Do you go out very often with your children to restaurants or cafes do you think they are child-friendly if not what do you think they could make easier to take your children and babies to these places and what would you actually change in the places that you visit.

Conversations with other people do you sit and talk to people when you have your children or babies with you?

Do you start the conversation when you out or do you wait for someone to start the conversation if you hold off starting a conversation is it because you are not sure or is it because you are not used to people talking or starting the conversation?

What things actually drive you crazy when you are out with your children or do you get really upset when you have a young baby and maybe a toddler to look after but the toddler pushes your patience, what do you do when you are in this situation and you are in the street and the older child demands things and knows that you can’t and won’t put up with the way he or she are behaving do you wait until you get home do you ignore them and not give or do you give in to the demands of the child just for peace of mind.

Beautiful Thinking and Sweet Dreams
Thought this was a nice picture for new arrival

Do you think it is essential that we bring our children up to respect other people no matter what others are brought up like or do you let your child do as they like?

So we have now come to the crunch what do we talk about on a daily basis and would you be willing to continue and talk on skype and start a chat group new mums, mums with older children and grandparents to put their thoughts in as well let me know what your thoughts are please?

Please ask as many questions as you like leave comments or contact me on my email i will reply and i promise to set up a skype account for group chats.







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  1. Josie says:

    I’m not a mum, but I was a step mum for a while. It was important to me that my step son was brought up to understand emotional intelligence, to know that it was ok to feel his feelings and express them. I wanted to bring him up to exude love, everywhere he went, even when life got difficult. I wanted to bring him up so to become a confident young man, capable of expressing his inner most vulnerabilities because that is what strong and capable young men do.

    I could spend ages writing and answering so many of your questions, they were very thought provoking. But unfortunately I no longer have my step son around. One day perhaps he will come back into my life. I do miss him.

    1. Hi Josie

      Thank you for the comment it was great and it does not matter about being a step mum you were a mum and you are still welcome to make any comment you wish to make.
      You know they say good things come to those who wait.
      Thank you so much.

  2. akshaysaxena says:

    Awesome post Tracey. You have wonderfully expressed your experience. Couple of months back my elder sister was in her 7th month, she loved to eat a lot of cold stuffs like ice creams, juices and even ice cubes, even during winter season. We family members used to warn her for these ill eating habits. But she never liked any hot food. Do you think it is harmful food  during pregnancy?

     I’ll surely share your article with her. Probably she would like to connect with you in Skype. Thanks a lot for sharing your interesting experience. I’m glad to visit your website. I wish you the best. 


    1. admin says:


      Thankyou for your comment i don’t think that the cold foods your sister was eating would do any harm at all, To much sugar would not be so good.

      It was a pleasure to write this as i really want to start blogging for everyone but something that will get everyone talking you can share as much as you wish.

      Thank you so much.


  3. Mara says:

    I love that you are trying to start conversations with new Mums and Dads, and to get them to share their experiences with each other. Having children is such a life-changing experience, and one that some new parents can find quite lonely, so all the more reason it’s good to have a platform like your to have some discussions. It’s been a while ago for me, as our daughter is now 14 – she is my best friend! But I still remember my pregnancy cravings – sale and vinegar crisps and Mars bars. I also remember how important I felt it was to get out and about in the fresh air. I used a papoose for this in the early days, as we also had a dog, so this left my hands free for his lead. Being on maternity leave was one of the most enjoyable times, and if I could pass on any advice it would be: everyone is different, and no-one knows everything – we have to learn as we go along as new parents. Enjoy every minute as it’s a fun ride!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Mara 

      Thank you for your comment feel free to keep in contact i had 4 children and they are all grown now but i want people to communicate as it seems that mums don’t talk anymore and we stay home that’s it .

      We are mum’s but we are also our own person with a name and when you have children that changes so we lose that personal side to us as women.

      i have so many posts about different things about babies the equipment that parents could buy or things they need.

      Thank you 


  4. Dave Sweney says:

    This was a perfect post to get conversations going, with the many questions and thoughts that you added. Many new parents would be grateful to have a site where they could come to and get pointers, add in their own experiences, get advice from, and generally share with what they are going through.

    It is a fact that no parent ever starts out having the first-hand experience, and it can be difficult to deal with the many new issues that come up. Especially in the initial years, it can be extremely stressful and having this support would be good to have.

    I know that was the case for me all those years ago when my wife and I had two babies one after the other, 11 months apart. At that time we were both not far out of the baby stage ourselves, at 19 and 20, respectively when our first girl came along.

    In hindsight, it would have been great to have such an offer as yours. In those days, there was not even an internet (shows you how old we are) but we did have wheels and fire hehe. So in any case, I have passed this post on to my two daughters for their use. They each have young kids and could use this!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Dave

      Thank you for the comments i have worked quite hard on my website and i thought getting a website going would be a good idea so i then thought of the skype  group doesn’t matter how many an online coffee morning but i want and need enough people to acknowledge that i am here to stay and eventually i would love to get people speaking with each other its hard as you say being a new mum so it is good to have the chit chat.

      I am a mum of 4 grown children and there were no mobile phones or internet when they were small.

      Thank you for sharing with your daughters you can share with as many as you wish again to thank you very much.


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