So How Do The Sessions Work

The first step to help the client into your new life and guide them in the right direction working with them all the way and helping the client with what their homework should be.

First of getting a basic understanding of the client and what has happened in their life and getting to know them so that we can assist them with the problems that they have and help work through them.

Some of the feelings that a person with the problems that may go to a psychologist maybe,


  • Wake up feeling poorly
  • Physical symptoms
  •  Sore  Throat Headache Temperature



  • Physical symptoms
  • Sore Throat, Headache, and a Temperature
  • Thoughts
  • Oh no i’m ill
  • I want to stay in bed
  • I am really busy at work today



  • Dragging yourself out of bed and go to work

Then the feeling of resentment sets in almost hating going into work which does not help the person.

A positive way to do this is too

  • Wake up
  • Have breakfast and a cup of coffee or tea
  • Stay positive
  • Take a throat sweet for the sore throat and or a headache tablet
  • Keep thinking positive and don’t think about being busy at work
  • Get rid of the negative feeling leave it behind, smile and say good morning when arriving at work.


The first step you have already taken by admitting that you have a problem and you want to get the help for it.

The test is in the time and if the relationship between counselor and client is good this will help the client learn to trust and talk a lot easier than keeping thing inside and stressing more.

Talking and trusting someone is really important.

The start of the counseling is a really hard part of the first step to get the trust of the client and gain their confidence bit by bit working encouraging and prompting the client to write about their days and the way they feel.

There are many reasons why clients need help with counseling and the positive attitude from the client on the visits to the meeting and how they are dealing with the times and can they really deal with the in-between times of where and when the client visits for the meetings.

The route to help clients is is to focus on the symptoms of the problems which will help the client work out what and how they can get through and see a light, so we focus or repairing the symptoms and getting to the core where and if the client wants to talk about this.

So now that the introduction of the client and the counselor has been sealed and they know a little about each other, so the next step is to work with the counselor and see the achievements that are being worked on.

When you meet a counselor the first time you will be asked how long you would like to work with your counselor and what you would like to achieve at the end of your sessions.


So now you have your introduction counselor and client and now the work begins between the both of you but the main thing is that the counselor must earn the trust of the client so that working together is a lot easier.

When a client is in contact with the counselor it is important to be upfront with each other and keep up to date with the diary which i will explain about in due course.

They say small steps and keep them small as they are easier to heal and work with.

The diaries are a great idea they help the clients to keep track of their daily activities and show where they think that they have taken a turn for better throughout the duration and build the confidence up.

The diaries are there for a day to day and timing aspect so that the client can see their own progress which is a great idea to help the healing process for the client.

There are arts and crafts classes for those who enjoy the art world it is very therapeutic also helps clients to see other colours as well and help them view things a little easier.

Also, the idea of walking and exercise may seem very hard when you don’t actually feel like moving, this one of the exercises that can be used to help the healing and mark things down as you go along in the diary days and hours.

Next, it would be good to set a plan where you can visit the gym try first maybe once a week then maybe take it to twice a week but still noting things in the diary.

You could take long walks to help relax this will also help calm nerves as well, these are the things that alot of people do even to just get out of their homes and feel fresher.

Looking at your daily plan is a great idea to keep things in a way that keeps you occupied to help you feel relaxed and not so tired and or depressed.

Starting a day off, set the alarm on either your clock or phone make a good time set so that you can get up and make your breakfast have a cup of tea or coffee start your day as you need too.

There is a day and time on the diary on the diary because of the idea of keeping a record of the step by step work you are doing to help yourself get.


So we are now are at night and morning look and the things that could change the way you feel and the reason why is sleeping without waking or not doing certain things before going to bed.

The don’ts

Do not drink coffee or tea before bed

Try not to watch horror movies before bed

Don’t play video games before bed

The can Do’s

You can drink a soft drink or warm milk

When watching the TV a comedy something to relax you

Soft music relaxing or soft dance music

Try to wake at a good time in the morning make the day a good

These are just a few things that can guide you to help guide the client through the time while working with the counselor and keeping a record of the work that the client has achieved in the diary that has been written.





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  1. Rodarrick says:

    Yeah! You are really spot on with this information on here and I really commend you for sharing this here. Getting into the new habits to form a new life would be awesome to know of and getting started is really the only thing possible to do for oneself. The sessions are rely interesting and if one can blend well with it whole keeping note of the do’s and don’t’s, then one is headed for success

    1. admin says:

      Hi Rodarrick

      Thank you for the comment 

      It is very hard for a person to admit that there is a problem and if they admit to themselves they may take even longer to open up to another person.

      The first step is to admit there is a problem then ask for help step by step it should work nicely it can take some time depending of the cause as well it is a slow and long process but there is light at the end following steps.


  2. Dane says:

    Hello there, a really nice article you have here. The mind of an individual matters alot and should always be taken care of. There are so many people who are looking for solutions to problems they haven’t admitted and admiting there is problem is the first step to getting that perse problem solved and thats one thing these people fail to admit. Best regards

    1. admin says:

      Hi Dane 

      Thank you for your comment.

      Very true so many people are scared to admit they have a problem and it is very hard to see their own problems it is usually family and close friends that see it and will say or ask how are you.

      Sometimes people take the medical way of treatment but this can mean the long term as well on tablets and could take a long time to get off of them which can cause problems as well.

      Thank you Tracey

  3. Abayomi says:

    Excellent article,as you have explained vividly what required of a person to have a new life are really impactful and awesome,as a matter of fact changing from one behavior to another is never a sudden act,but following principles which helps for transformation of behavior.These sessions are very active and interesting,I salute your writing prowess,thank you for sharing this helpful write-up.

    1. admin says:


      Thank you very much for the comment 

  4. It is so amazing of the power of the mind and how base on our thoughts how our lives can be. We should try as much at all times to develop a healthy mind and to keep our minds on things that are positive. I believe as we try to remain focus and postive we can look towards each day with hope.

  5. Hi Norman
    Thank you for a great reply as always you have such nice words and know what to say.
    Thank you once again

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