Some Cravings For Both Expecting Parents

Speak Scream Shout It Is That Horrible Feeling.


When people say heartburn you think just a bit of sickness.

So pregnancy appears we are so happy but we are not prepared for the effects that the first trimester brings.

We all think that it is the women that get heartburn but actually in some cases the husbands can get it as well as they say in sympathy with the new mummy.

Cravings as well that can really be transferred as well maybe dad could have the cravings and the aches and pains that the mum would or should be getting.

My dad had heartburn during the pregnancy with all three of my daughters even when i went into labor he had a toothache.

Some of the cravings are so bad and horrible mixtures of food, some really disgusting ones like pickled onions and jam, fig biscuits and salami, some women like eating coal what thought as well no nice but when you are pregnant anything and everything tastes so different, your tastes buds go back to normal when you have the baby thank goodness.

My pet hates when i was pregnant were the smell of cooking chicken, tomatoes coffee and tea.

My yummy tummy and my baby seemed to know what it liked more than i wanted, i can remember ordering two or three takeaways if i didn’t fancy eating them all i would palm them off on my mum she could eat them she was so so slim.

I suppose i was lucky i was a vegetarian when i was pregnant with my eldest daughter i enjoyed my pregnancy after i passed five months and indulged on twister ice lollies which i did love and have a massive craving for when i was pregnant with her.

I had five months of being told i was not pregnant and i was sent to a special doctor in Madrid as i was living in a place called Fuenlabrada Spain that is where i lived at the time, i was having periods and proper ones for almost six months of my pregnancy so eventually they did stop and my pregnancy continued as normal.

There are many people that their periods don’t stop at all and this will and can prove to be a problem as they may not even show some cases they may even go out not really knowing that something or someone is growing inside of them and the labor may well be a huge shock.

There are so many different signs of pregnancy and so many ways a woman suffers while she is pregnant

  • Tender Breast
  • Light Spotting
  • Mood Swings
  • Bloating
  • Facial Spots
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Feeling Sick
  • Dizziness
  • Food Craving
  • Tiredness
  • Emotional

These are just a few of the symptoms that expectant mums get during pregnancy, some women don’t get any symptom at all they are so lucky.

These symptoms may not be due to pregnancy they may also be due to the flu or a virus but you can take a pregnancy test as soon as you have missed your period after the second day it may not always show as positive so there is a chance that you will have to take more than one test.

However, every pregnancy is so different and labor could go from an hour up until maybe two days depending on the way your baby is lying and how high the baby is in the uterus and also if the baby really wants to be brought into the world.

Sometimes there are reasons that the pregnancy has to be induced maybe the mum has high blood pressure or she is overdue on her dates.

If the baby is late then the hospital will usually make an appointment for mum to come to check to see if everything is going well then they will make a date for her to come and be induced maybe the baby will still come before that date.

There may be other problems such as the placenta lying very low or it may be threatening to come before the baby which is quite serious in some situations there are a number of things that could happen if the correct information is not known so for safety reasons the midwife and doctors will be watching very closely towards the end of the pregnancy.

There are the babies that come early for a reason may be the pregnancy is multiple ones of twins in which case they will be watched even more in case there is problems.

There are quite a few things to help with heartburn during pregnancy either over the counter at the pharmacy or from your doctor,  there are other ways to ease the heartburn as well to make your life a little easier sometimes take smaller meals more often stay away from spicy foods and or you could try an anti-acid remedy to reduce acid reflux.

First Trimester Almost Over

Along with the hopeful end of the sickness, comes the time when the first scan and the appointments start with the hospital and the midwife the correct dates and the measurements of your tummy.

The scan is amazing you can see the tiny heart beating and the frame of the baby, depending on how the pregnancy goes there will be another scan about thirty weeks on this scan you can see the whole of the baby and how big the baby is getting being able to see the tiny toes and the nose even down to the fine hair on the baby’s arms.

When you are watching the scan you can see the facial movements and all the expressions that the baby pulls even down to the thumb sucking.

So Its Almost Time

When at the end of pregnancy sometimes you may have the heartburn back again as your body has changed a lot over the last few months so now the baby has hair and they say the heartburn returns because of the babies hair.

The worst thing while being pregnant is needing to go to the loo all the time and when you get there all toilets are busy so you try not to jump around but still so desperate for someone to hurry up and get out of the toilet feels like you are being squashed in every way you can think of as well as the baby stretching out under the rib cage.

So the end of pregnancy no more sickness or heartburn but a brand new bundle to look after watching their every move it really is a lovely feeling to bring the newborn into the world and learn how to protect them.

Good Luck To Everyone Who Is Expecting A New Bundle

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