Stepping Slowly

A family doesn’t always mean blood often family are extended by the parents re-marrying and other children are brought or introduced into the family.

Of course there a lot of other reasons why couples can’t have a baby they,

Maybe they are sterile,

They may have had a hysterectomy

Same-sex couple

Age may be against them

There are a lot of reasons why couples cannot conceive so when another couple or person is brought in to the family to help make the couple’s life whole by giving them the chance to have a baby of their own.

So many stories are out there that don’t have that chance to have or give birth to their own babies so a surrogate person is brought in and maybe the fathers’ sperm is used but the surrogate egg is used to produce the fetus.

There are a lot of reasons in this day and age why couples cannot have or conceive a baby but it must be heartbreaking for the family to wait and wait but to then have that small human placed in your arms must be a fantastic feeling.

There was a program on the television this morning about a same-sex couple who used a surrogate to have their baby it was truly lovely and i don’t think it matters that both parents are the same sex just that they love their two children the same as any other parents would.

It really does not matter what sex the parents are as long as the baby or children get the love that they deserve.

No matter where the new arrival has come from but where they are going and who will look after them and what their family will be like in the future.

There are many reasons why a baby gets put up for adoption or becomes an orphan at any time in their tiny lives

some of the reasons maybe

A disability the baby may have

Single parenthood


Social services Intervene

Bereavement of a parent


These are just some of the reasons why some babies may get put up for adoption or the parent may actually not want their own baby and give their baby up to a family for a better life.

There are plenty of reasons why babies and young children get handed over for adoption of the biggest is the parents are too young to have the babies there may be someone intervening to help the young lady making the decision to help hand the baby over for adoption.

Families are a very important part of lifeĀ  to give happiness and love commitment and trust solid units are hard to find now but they are out there and a lot of people still do not have the happiness of having their own babies or children so they choose the other route where they can give a home to a little one that needs the love and attention.

We all have problems in our lives but in this day and age, there is enough help to give if people know how to ask for help and where they can get help from.

A lot of problems came from poverty and that goes all the way back to the equality and reigns from the high, middle and lower-class status.

Over the years not a lot has really changed just the attitudes where the higher class is still higher and often think that they are better and the lower class often grown into this class will stay as they re through the generation.

As the lower class often the parents would both work in factories and children of young age groups would go with the mother from early morning till the closing of the factory.

There was a lot of illness around such as smallpox and at the time there wasn’t any vaccination so more than often the child’s life was short or the parent would become ill the children would go into orphanages and they may have found other families to live with or remained in the orphanage until old enough to leave and work this would of been at a very young age something like thirteen years old they may have even been sold depending on where they lived at the time.

Money had and still has a very big status people with money speak and often they are the ones who would have been able to adopt a baby or young child, or as it is in this day they would have been able to afford IVF and had their own family maybe.

The family in this day and age still would struggle to pay for the IVF as it is quite expensive and this also causes quite a lot of stress which can also cause a miscarriage if the mum is pregnant.

The class of life is still very visible you can hear the people that have the money talking about how much they have paid for what they have brought and what they want to buy.

On the other hand, the working class would or may buy from a charity shop and as long as the clothes or property that they have purchased was in good condition what is the problem washed clothing from any shop is as good as the next item that has been brought by someone who has paid a lot more money.

Children are the world yet they still get treated like an object.

So they say that some of the reasons women fail to fall pregnant are because of not enough nutrition to be able to carry a baby the body needs proper healthy foods.

There is an old saying if you want baby girls to eat anything you want, but if you wanted a boy baby you had to eat fish not sure if this is true but nutrition is important in any diet for anyone.

Our bodies are for us to look after but when there is not enough food for anyone to actually get food that is vital for a healthiness as well as the body the skin, but it is not just women who have problems when trying for a baby there are a lot of men that have problems with sperm count as well they say that this can be caused by a number of things

Tight trousers

Tight underwear

Too much drink

There are so many different stories of why people can’t have children but now the medical staff looks at both parents to be.



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