Taking Time For Peace with Baby

We are all well aware that some babies don’t sleep so well and there are so many ways that you can get the baby to relax ad rest.

The worst times are when the baby has just been born and mum is so tired and needs to rest after the birth there are quite a few reasons why a baby won’t sleep

  • A hungry baby will cry for more milk
  • A baby that can’t suck properly will also cry as they can’t get their supplements
  • A baby with colic
  • Mum may not be able to feed her new baby
  • Maybe the baby is old enough to take a little solid food or add to the bottle to help baby feel full
  • The baby could have an intolerance to milk
  • Maybe baby has a dirty nappy


These are just a few reasons why a baby may not feed properly or be uncomfortable and cry so there are also a few ways that you can calm a baby down and relax them.

The main way to get baby to relax is the main one make sure that the baby has had enough food then they will sleep or the problem may well be that the baby has a dirty nappy easy changed.

So let’s sort out the problem in many different ways here we go.

If you breastfeed check to make sure baby is getting enough feed and not sucking air as they often drop off the breast

you can do this by teasing the baby’s chin or cheek.

A breastfed baby does not often get that much colic.

If the baby is being sick and not taking a feed properly there are drops that can be given or maybe you have to change the feed or formula that you are using so that the baby can feed properly and feel content.

Changing the nappies that are easy to sort out and clean the baby up.

The idea of the dummy a lot of parents love just so that they can have a few moments of peace or just to catch up on their housework or a little time for mummy.

Baby toys and dummies are very good for helping to restore babies’ peace when they are crying.

Rattles were found as early back as 2500 years they were found in Poland these were found in a grave of a baby who would of been a member of an early iron age Lusatian culture and was documented by the archaeologist that found them.

The hollow clay rattle was shaped like a pillow and this was filled with tiny balls.

The Dummy or pacifier as it was called was cited for the first time in medical history 1473, this was described by a German physician Bartholomaus Metlinger of literature in 1473 this was retitled in a later edition as a guide on young children.

In England between the 17th and 19th century, a coral /meant teething this was a teething toy which was made of coral, ivory or bone, these were often mounted with a handle often made of silver.

There was a museum assistant who suggested that these substances were used as sympathetic magic, the animal bone could actually symbolize the strength to help the child cope with the pain from teething.


The dummies were made as hard teething rings, they were also a substitute for the softer sugar teats or sugar rags these were used in 19 century America.

The pacifier was not really that healthy when they were first produced they were made of old linen cloth and would have things like sandy sugar that was in a ball the cloth would be tied with a thread tied tightly around it.

There were also rags with food objects inside of them and they were given to the babies in many parts of northern Europe and other places as well.

In some cases, there were lumps of meat inside cloth which was tied and moistened with brandy.

In some german-speaking areas might of used Lutschbeutel, cloth wrapped around a sweetened bread or maybe poppy seeds.

Some babies like to be in a swaddle wrapped tightly for security and that warmth and sometimes they will be in a pram carrycot or laid in a safe place but the other would be tucked up in mummies arms feeling safe and nurtured, also some mums may use the extra feed so when the baby has been swaddled and secure then a feed is good to make them relax and tummy filled.

Baby loves colour and the brighter the better pram rattles used to be used alot while now babies are in prams that are coloured but no real rattles across the front of the pram.

When a new baby arrives more than often a family member will buy a special teddy and again more than often in the colour of the babies gender so a lot of the time the teddy would be used as a pacifier and more often this would work.

We all know how much a toothache hurts well there is this dear little baby and the tooth trying to break through and they can’t tell you they are in pain there are quite a few things that can help ease the pain and help restore some peace.

  • Teething gel
  • Teething rings
  • Bicky pegs
  • Bongela
  • Baby paracetamol


These are just a few things to help the baby with the pain that they are having or going through while they are teething, the old remedy would of been put some whisky on the finger and rub it on the gums.

I did use an ice lolly to help chill the gums down and help the baby freeze the pain away it did work for a while as it kept the baby occupied.

Teething rings can also be placed in the freezer to help reduce the pain when the baby places the ring in their mouths they would grind their gums on the ring and bite there are a number of different teething rings that you can place in the freezer they have handles for the baby to grip and move the ring around.

I hope this helps at some point with the baby and thank you for reading.








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