The Pro’s and Con’S

The Effect After  Birth.


So starting a family is not as easy for some people as it seems and a lot of people go through a lot of hassle.

Hassles can be anything from a woman not being able to fall pregnant, low egg count, early menopause these are just a few of the things that can stop pregnancy and this can become very stressful for the needing parents as well as the woman it can be a problem coming from the man’s side something like low sperm count maybe there has been a problem had chicken pox measles which can cause infertility but there are also more crucial problems like cancer this can happen in both men and women.

In a lot of cases women will have their eggs saved so that she can choose when she is ready and maybe some women can’t carry so the other option would also be available such as another person carrying the baby but it would be your egg, adoption is another if there are no eggs to help the couples become parents.

So there are the options but it is up to the individuals and everyone is so different in the way that they are working in body and mind.

Some women don’t actually want to have the baby themselves they want a surrogate to carry the baby for them there may be a problem with them that they can’t carry a baby full term who knows what is wrong again everyone is different and body acts very differently as well.

Some women don’t want babies when they are young they wait until they are older and when they decide that they do they may find out that they cannot have any as there have either gone through or going through the menopause but they may still have some eggs that the hospital or gynecology unit may be able to save and implanted into her after being fertilised with the partners sperm.

Another reason that some women can’t carry a baby may be from having a hysterectomy at a young age but again the eggs may of been preserved for the purpose of the women that have had this.

Different Pregnancies.

So pregnancy starts off and in a normal one will follow one trimester after another, however the first three months are the hardest.

Some women are fine with the first three months but others really suffer a lot some with the smell of certain foods some with the smell of coffee, chronic indigestion really bad heartburn sickness.

Sometimes women have no symptoms at all and a few times with no side effects at all and carry a good pregnancy.

The best pregnancies are the ones where everything is so straight forward and the baby is born and no problem’s at all but then there are the babies that have to be induced so this can cause stress in the mother and the baby but the baby may be perfectly fine the midwife may just be taking precautions to prevent any problems happening or maybe mum is overdue and that’s why they have induced the new mum.

Every new birth brings new dreams and new lifetimes where baby arrives and mum freezes and feels they wnt be able to cope with being a mum, this is what every new mum feels when the new nerves come through and baby is put in the arms they automatically feel that loving feeling but some mums feel so exhausted that this feeling takes a while to develop and sometimes they will push the feelings that they have to the back of their minds and think that they are not good enough to be mums that they are doing something totally wrong.

PND postnatal depression is not  to be ignored  there is help out there but other people may not see that the new mum is not feeling so good as she may put on a good cover in front of family and friends but family are the ones that will be able to see what is happening with the new mums.

For new mums with depression there are a few different directions in which they can get treatment or help

Counseling usually recommended by the doctor and there may be a wait for a counselor as they are busy or there are the private areas of counseling to go through if the new mum wishes.

The doctor may advise the mum to have an antidepressant to help her with her and the way she is feeling and help bring her back from maybe  a state of frozen lifeline and how she has possibly locked herself away and now she understands that there has been a problem since she has had the baby but she can now see that there is some light now and she has asked for the help as well and other people are starting to help her and guide now that they understand that she needs to build the bond with her baby.

Different Types of Birth

Only a small section on this as i will talk more about this through the post that i do i will update a lot of things as i build my site up more.

So there are quite a few different types of birthing the baby

C section this may be done because of the parent requests this but a lot of the time it will be done as an emergency, this is a time that the new mum really wants to connect with the new bundle and make the family it should be a fantastic time.

An emergency C section will be either with mum awake or asleep if the mum is under anesthetic then she will be asleep so it will be a few hours until she sees her newborn bundle.

Natural births are sometimes not so easy they can be very quick and easy or they can be long and drawn out.

Personally natural birth is the best i have seen my friend give birth and i also have had three of my children naturally and one of my children i had a C section.

There are many wishes from women who like the idea of water births and some say its such an easy birth some like the pool in their own homes but they need to have a midwife for the protection of both mum and baby.

There are different positions which some women find easier to be in while giving birth they will find whichever position that they are comfortable and can sink into to give birth.

Following the birth both baby and mum will be assessed and then taken to the ward and given chance to rest and recover from the exhaustion of the birth, mum may be having a cup of tea and then a sandwich depending on what mum requires.





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2 thoughts on “The Pro’s and Con’S

  1. Gracen Reply

    Hi, your article is great and well on point. As a Mom of three, I can relate well to the instances of pregnancy and the issues that come with being pregnant. I remember during my first pregnancy, my baby was not well positioned, he was abridged and because of inexperience I didn’t know until after first trimester. In such a scenario if baby doesn’t turn to normal position (mine later turned to normal position), it could lead to CS.

    I also know some mothers, that opted for CS on their own volition, my friend did that. Irrespective of the type of CS one undergoes, natural birth still remains the best. I am just hearing about water births for the first time here. Do you think it is medically right to engage in water births, especially pools in the home?

    • Tracey Spinney Post authorReply

      Hi Grace thankyou for your comment.
      It is good to have someone else’s opinion i was with my friend when she gave birth to her daughter who is coming up for two years old now i think water birth relaxes the body to a certain extent and my friends birth was very quick after.
      I believe also that you should have a choice of birthing but if there are problems there is another way that can take over to make sure that baby and mum are fine, C section is a six-week recovery time if i had a choice i would of had a normal birth.

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