Walking Through The List Of Life

When you find out you are pregnant it is a shock in some cases but great surprise in others

Easy steps are really good first the appointments then the scans life is so short not to enjoy what you have to achieve bringing a new life into the world and viewing the baby before it is born.

The scan is the most important part, in the beginning, the very first sighting of your baby the chance to make sure the tiny spot that will be in your arms in a few months.

Baby is really there and nothing can be your imagination any more the little movement’s the sickness this now for real and the growing baby inside of you is also real and happiness is where you can really start to put things together.

Everyone goes for the cots and prams first of all but what should you buy first who knows i suppose it is whatever you really want to buy first and what color you really want for your first or fourth baby.


The terry Nappies were and are the oldest style of nappies and great to use there is a link for the nappies.

The terry nappies were great and still great they work out cheaper as you only need a liner in them and they last so long by just whitewashing them after use and throwing away the nappy liner.

Terry Nappies are known for being a pain when changing baby as there was all the fiddling around with pins and rubber pants, there are different shapes now as well as the good old square terry nappies.



If you choose to click the links you can see the nappies and the prices.

The disposable nappies made a show in the eighties and they also made a hit so the change over was very quick so really people become quite lazy it was easy to change baby really quickly and throw away the nappies the only thing that makes a bad situation is these disposable nappies and that is that they do not rot or disintegrate very well.


So pregnancy is continuing and along with the bump comes some clothes problems for the new mum to be expanding all round as they say.

However, some mums don’t get that big so sometimes they don’t need to change their clothes but sometimes the change is better than staying in normal clothes because of their comfort and control as well so in some cases maternity clothes are the best thing for some mums.





There is also a great maternity pillow that will help with comfort and a nursing pillow which will help when feeding baby.



This pillow will aid and help with a lot of things positions in bed making positions really easy and getting the pillow where you need for your comfort while sleeping.

Then when the baby arrives the pillow will also help positions when feeding again.

Okay, when i was pregnant with my eldest it sure was a very different experience i loved it apart from the first five months because i lived part of my pregnancy in Spain and i kept proving negative in my test but still felt something wasn’t quite right.

I was about  four months when i had to go and see a gynecologist to get the proof that i was pregnant even though i was being really sick all the time and had my monthly as well until i was five months, my pregnancy after the fifth month was fantastic  i didn’t really get so big until about seven months into my pregnancy.

However, i did get really big after the seventh month and i had already brought a pair of summer white dungarees which were great i had also brought a summer dress which i really needed it was the hottest summer in my pregnancy that i could remember whilst being pregnant it makes you feel ten times hotter.

My whole life changed when i had my eldest daughter i loved being a mum it felt like my world just fell in place i was handed a beautiful baby on the 06/11/1984 the best bundle anyone could of had given a wonderful gift to me such as my daughter.


The next scan is really fantastic you can see every little bit of the baby by now the tiny hand and the fingers  feet and toes the shape of the spine you can now feel the movement of the baby and eventually the kicks get so strong and sometimes before a baby is born when they kick or move around can leave bruising.

Buying the equipment that you need such as blankets and sheets for cots and prams lets take a look at some of the things that are needed before you bring baby home from the hospital.

Starting the pack is

Mittens to stop baby scratching their faces

Babygrows first size

Vests first size would be good unless the baby is big

Baby bottles and sterilizing equipment.




There are many different sets for feeding and they are a reasonable price if you follow the link above you can see the products I will add a few more so you can see the choices.



Advent is a very well known product and very efficient they have been around for a very long time and have a very good record of their products.

Feeding your baby is totally up to you and how you want to do it, you may want to breastfeed and that is as they breast is best as baby will get all the nutrient that it needs the first few feeds are the most important.

There are also breast pumps to help mum have a break and give another family member the chance to feed.

So there are some great products out there that are very good there are the multi-packs that are easier to purchase and look after, there are also different types of breast pumps some are electric some manual, the manual work as a suction pump and release when grasp is released.


Of course, the next most import is how are you going to keep your baby warm there many different sheets made from some different fibers and textures.

Some of the sheets are not so soft for a new baby so a lot of the babies are wrapped or swaddled so they are warm or if they are not in a swaddle they may well be wrapped in a light blanket and placed on its side to avoid baby being cold and on the side because that is what you are told to do.

There a lot of different blankets for prams and cots so it is to the individual what they prefer and which way will they wrap their tiny new baby.

There are plenty of ways to keep your baby tucked up cozy and warm using their own clothes and adding booties mittens their little hats and watching them grow out of them and into other clothes the first baby always has a lot of extra and often big enough to last.


Baby Prams are really important and you need to buy which one you can afford it is hard to find a good pram at the right price and at a good quality.

You need to find the pram that will suit you something that will be working with your lifestyle maybe you are a runner there are now there are prams that give you the freedom to run with the baby as well.

There are so many different makes, models, and styles in the pram world now

Bugaboo is one of the many prams




There are many different makes of prams

Silvercross wayfarer



Prams, pushchairs, buggies, and strollers – choosing the perfect carrier to keep your little one secure and comfortable on the move can be a daunting task. So, where to start?

Carriers for infants can be divided into three categories, and the first thing to know is that much depends on the age of the child.

Firstly, there’s the classic lie-flat newborn pram. It’s believed that newborns need to lie flat in a pram to help with lung development, breathing, and spinal development. A pram is very different in that respect to an upright pushchair or stroller, but lots of the best and most adaptable prams and pushchairs have a 2-in-1 system that can be converted into a reclining seat for toddlers at a later date.

There many prams and strollers to fit your own style and comfort for the baby.



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