What Do We Feed Our Growing Baby

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Hungry little baby so what d we feed them there are a number of ways but the healthiest is probably home-cooked and fresh foods as you can cook as much as you want and make it taste better.

First taste for a baby is the best one the expressions they pull on their little faces and the grimace it is so funny they are not quite sure on how to take the new texture that they have in their little mouths their taste buds are learning new things.

There are plenty of baby foods out there to give your baby and they have changed over the years there are many different flavors and many different makes.

There are different things that they are using other than the flakes.

Organic food seems to be the way forward for many babies and their families

The options for baby food are quite vast now from the cow and gate milk to the jarred foods.

Some of the makes have been around for quite a time now, some of the best are:

SMA Organic milk follow the link https://amzn.to/2RtJYAv

They say if you can breastfeed that breast is best giving the baby the best start in life and all the proteins the new baby needs to start their tiny lives.

Hipp organic baby first milk follow the link https://amzn.to/2RxUN4k

There are so many different products for babies SMA that make organic baby rice building up to solids for the baby to get used to the solids, it is important to give a baby the best chance and make sure that the food we give our babies the best start not adding so many additives and the more organic and pure foods are much healthier for the baby to have in the start of their life.

There so many different organic products for babies to have there are fruit, baby formula, baby rice, jarred foods, puddings in jars or packets, and many more there is a very good chance that your baby will have a better start but also be a lot healthier.

Annabel Karmel has been making and promoting her products of organic foods for a very long time which are healthy for young babies and toddlers she has promoted the food at an age marked packet also there is advice on what is in the packet these are clearly marked what the packet contains and is healthy even explaining how many of the five a day there is in the packet.

There is a good selection on the AK recipes from one-year-old and up also the meals are balanced with the nutrition that baby and toddler needs

A lot of the meals are from the age of six months and there are pureed foods first foods


Follow the link for Annabel Karmel’s organic foods for babies and toddlers https://amzn.to/2t10kqM

There are different makes for organic food for baby and toddlers a lot of parents prefer to be able to go out and buy the food prepared beforehand and not have the worry of preparing food before they go out or maybe go to work again organic is healthy for not just baby or toddler but for everyone.

There are many organic cookery books for the preparation of homemade organic baby food.

Healthy eating for not just the babies and young children is important as there are so many children that go to school and go home to a take out meal or they will eat so many sweets instead of a meal which is really bad.

They say we are what we eat and if that is the case we need to look after the new generations that we have brought into the world so it starts with a healthy diet and organic is a great way to start a baby off.


Healthy starts when you fall pregnant eat what is good and also little and often but also have the fads that you want while pregnant.

Pregnancy and breast feeding is a vital start of babies life but some mums can’t or are not keen on feeding by breast so the other option is organic milk powder so the newborn to toddler gets the best start.

Great starts are great for both mother and baby.

Growing from baby to toddler the energy is enormous and the organic products are better than foods with additives.

So there are so many options out there

Powdered rice

Jarred foods

Packet foods

Bottled milk

Bottled juices

These are a few of the products that are not organic, the other option years ago would of been small amounts of foods prepared by mum but again most of the time they would of been added with salt pepper maybe other products which are not so healthy for baby.

In the hospital you get a choice of what and how you want to feed your baby they have a variety of milks to give your baby and assist on how to feed especially if you are breast feeding, you will get taught about colic gripe and wind.

At about four months is when you should decide what you will feed your baby there are many products of organic baby milk and rice to add to the bottle to fill the hungry tummy.

Baby becomes more active and needs more to eat sometimes it is good to give them a little more rice in their milk and maybe a couple of spoons as well to get them used to eating.

Passing six months changing the food a little so the baby get texture of foods as well also with different flavours from sweet to savoury and some drier foods than others some other textures suchi as jelly and organic juices.

There are a variety of different foods in organic ranges I have entered a few products which you can click on my page.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. RazvanIlie says:

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about What Do We Feed Our Growing Baby and the explanation is given.

    It follows that my wife and I have a baby. So we read a lot of articles about children. I have read many articles about what we do feed our growing baby, but this is the best I have read. I will definitely read more articles on this site.

    Thanks again and keep in touch!

    1. admin says:

      Hi, thank you for the comment.

      I have quite a lot of posts on my site i have worked to try and put the right posts on here to help others.

      Feel free to check out the posts let me know what you think.

      Thanks again


  2. Donald says:

    This post answers a very important question. That of what do we feed our babies as they grow? There are specific things that a baby requires during the first few years of life. Things that will set a strong foundation as they continue growing into healthy toddlers. Proper nutrition is definitely one of these things.

    Your post will help parents to provide the proper nourishment for their babies hungry little mouths. of course like you said for a newborn the breast is definitely best, but then there comes a time when parents need to introduce the little ones to their first taste of food.

    I think that the pureed fruits etc. are perfect for this stage and it looks like Annabel Karmel is right on the money with just the stuff that babies would love at that stage.

    1. admin says:


      Thank you for your comment

      A lot of babies are breastfed for quite a long time but they still need a different texture and finding the right foods for thought as well, taste, texture, flavors all make a difference to the likes and dislikes of a toddler.

      There are many different varieties for young children and toddlers

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